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Phylogeny of Calliandra (Leguminosae: Mimosoideae) based on nuclear and plastid molecular markers
ÉR de Souza, GP Lewis, F Forest, AS Schnadelbach, C van den Berg, ...
Taxon 62 (6), 1200-1219, 2013
Phylogeny of Chamaecrista Moench (LeguminosaeCaesalpinioideae) based on nuclear and chloroplast DNA regions
A de Souza Conceição, L Paganucci de Queiroz, GP Lewis, ...
Taxon 58 (4), 1168-1180, 2009
Genetic and morphological variation in the Bulbophyllum exaltatum (Orchidaceae) complex occurring in the Brazilian “campos rupestres”: implications for taxonomy …
PL Ribeiro, EL Borba, E de Camargo Smidt, SM Lambert, ...
Plant Systematics and Evolution 270, 109-137, 2008
Species‐delimitation and phylogenetic analyses of some cosmopolitan species of Hypnea (Rhodophyta) reveal synonyms and misapplied names to H. cervicornis, including a new …
PB de Jesus, F Nauer, GM Lyra, V Cassano, MC Oliveira, JMC Nunes, ...
Journal of Phycology 52 (5), 774-792, 2016
Molecular phylogenetics of Galeandra (Orchidaceae: Catasetinae) based on plastid and nuclear DNA sequences
SHN Monteiro, A Selbach-Schnadelbach, RP de Oliveira, C van den Berg
Systematic Botany 35 (3), 476-486, 2010
A molecular phylogeny of Raddia and its allies within the tribe Olyreae (Poaceae, Bambusoideae) based on noncoding plastid and nuclear spacers
RP Oliveira, LG Clark, AS Schnadelbach, SHN Monteiro, EL Borba, ...
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 78, 105-117, 2014
Genetic and morphological variability in Cattleya elongata Barb. Rodr. (Orchidaceae), endemic to the campo rupestre vegetation in northeastern Brazil
DT da Cruz, A Selbach-Schnadelbach, SM Lambert, PL Ribeiro, EL Borba
Plant Systematics and Evolution 294, 87-98, 2011
Species delimitation methods reveal cryptic diversity in the Hypnea cornuta complex (Cystocloniaceae, Rhodophyta)
PB de Jesus, AL Costa, JMC Nunes, A Manghisi, G Genovese, ...
European Journal of Phycology 54 (2), 135-153, 2019
Phylogenetic relationships of Echinolaena and Ichnanthus within Panicoideae (Poaceae) reveal two new genera of tropical grasses
C Silva, C Snak, AS Schnadelbach, C van den Berg, RP Oliveira
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 93, 212-233, 2015
Pleistocene climatic changes drove dispersal and isolation of Richterago discoidea (Asteraceae), an endemic plant of campos rupestres in the central and eastern …
L Barres, H Batalha-Filho, AS Schnadelbach, N Roque
Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 189 (2), 132-152, 2019
Pollination biology and genetic variability of a giant perfumed flower (Aristolochia gigantea Mart. and Zucc., Aristolochiaceae) visited mainly by small Diptera
J Hipólito, BF Viana, A Selbach-Schnadelbach, L Galetto, PG Kevan
Botany 90 (9), 815-829, 2012
In vitro shoot production, morphological alterations and genetic instability of Melocactus glaucescens (Cactaceae), an endangered species endemic to eastern Brazil
G Torres-Silva, SV Resende, A Lima-Brito, HB Bezerra, JRF De Santana, ...
South African Journal of Botany 115, 100-107, 2018
Variability of physical dormancy in relation to seed mechanical properties of three legume species
S Mira, A Schnadelbach, EC Correa, F Pérez-García, ...
Seed Science and Technology 45 (3), 540-556, 2017
Extension of the distribution range of Hypnea stellulifera (Cystocloniaceae, Rhodophyta) to the South Atlantic: Morphological and molecular evidence
PB de Jesus, MS Silva, G de Mattos Lyra, JM de Castro Nunes, ...
Aquatic Botany 123, 26-36, 2015
New information for Ilex phylogenetics based on the plastid psbA-trnH intergenic spacer (Aquifoliaceae)
A Selbach-Schnadelbach, SS Cavalli, JF Manen, GC Coelho, ...
Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 159 (1), 182-193, 2009
Dormancy breaking and germination of Adenocarpus desertorum, Astragalus gines-lopezii and Hippocrepis grosii (Fabaceae) seeds, three threatened endemic Spanish species
A Schnadelbach, L Veiga-Barbosa, C Ruiz, JM Pita, F Pérez-García
Seed Science and Technology 44 (1), 1-14, 2016
O gênero Hypnea (Cystocloniaceae, Rhodophyta) no litoral do estado da Bahia, Brasil
PB de Jesus, AS Schnadelbach, JM de Castro Nunes
Sitientibus Série Ciências Biológicas 13, 2013
Ensino de biologia a partir de questões sociocientíficas: uma experiência com ingressantes em curso de licenciatura
DM Conrado, CN El-Hani, BF Viana, AS Schnadelbach, NF Nunes-Neto
Indagatio Didactica 8 (1), 1132-1147, 2016
In vitro conservation and genetic diversity of threatened species of Melocactus (Cactaceae)
G Torres-Silva, AS Schnadelbach, HB Bezerra, A Lima-Brito, SV Resende
Biodiversity and Conservation 30 (4), 1067-1080, 2021
In vitro multiplication and genetic stability of two species of Micranthocereus Backeb. (Cactaceae) endemic to Bahia, Brazil
LM Civatti, MNG Marchi, AS Schnadelbach, MC Bellintani
Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture (PCTOC) 131, 537-545, 2017
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