Isabelle M. D. Gonzaga
Isabelle M. D. Gonzaga
Universidade Federal de São Carlos
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Developments in electrode materials for wastewater treatment
GR Salazar-Banda, GOS Santos, IMD Gonzaga, AR Doria, KIB Eguiluz
Current Opinion in Electrochemistry 26, 100663, 2021
Influence of the doping level of boron-doped diamond anodes on the removal of penicillin G from urine matrixes
IMD Gonzaga, A Moratalla, KIB Eguiluz, GR Salazar-Banda, P Cañizares, ...
Science of the Total Environment 736, 139536, 2020
Microwave synthesis of Ti/(RuO2) 0.5 (IrO2) 0.5 anodes: improved electrochemical properties and stability
IMD Gonzaga, AR Doria, VM Vasconcelos, FM Souza, MC dos Santos, ...
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 874, 114460, 2020
Novel Ti/RuO2IrO2 anode to reduce the dangerousness of antibiotic polluted urines by Fenton-based processes
IMD Gonzaga, A Moratalla, KIB Eguiluz, GR Salazar-Banda, P Cañizares, ...
Chemosphere 270, 129344, 2021
Testing and scaling-up of a novel Ti/Ru0. 7Ti0. 3O2 mesh anode in a microfluidic flow-through reactor
G de OS Santos, IMD Gonzaga, AR Dória, A Moratalla, RS da Silva, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 398, 125568, 2020
Outstanding performance of the microwave-made MMO-Ti/RuO2IrO2 anode on the removal of antimicrobial activity of Penicillin G by photoelectrolysis
IMD Gonzaga, A Moratalla, KIB Eguiluz, GR Salazar-Banda, P Cañizares, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 420, 129999, 2021
Improving biodegradability of clopyralid wastes by photoelectrolysis: The role of the anode material
GOS Santos, IMD Gonzaga, KIB Eguiluz, GR Salazar-Banda, C Saez, ...
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 864, 114084, 2020
Electrochemical systems equipped with 2D and 3D microwave-made anodes for the highly efficient degradation of antibiotics in urine
IMD Gonzaga, AR Doria, A Moratalla, KIB Eguiluz, GR Salazar-Banda, ...
Electrochimica Acta 392, 139012, 2021
Effects of temperature and heating method on the performance of Ti/Ru0. 25Ir0. 25Ti0. 50O2 anodes applied toward Bisphenol S removal
VM Vasconcelos, IMD Gonzaga, AR Doria, PJM Cordeiro-Junior, ...
Electrochimica Acta 364, 137273, 2020
Ultra-fast synthesis of Ti/Ru0. 3Ti0. 7O2 anodes with superior electrochemical properties using an ionic liquid and laser calcination
AR Dória, IMD Gonzaga, GOS Santos, M Pupo, DC Silva, RS Silva, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 416, 129011, 2021
Synthesis of high-area chemically modified electrodes using microwave heating
IMD Gonzaga, ACA Andrade, RS Silva, GR Salazar-Banda, ...
Chemical Engineering Communications 206 (5), 647-653, 2019
Ruthenium–tin oxides-coated graphite felt: Enhanced active area and improved efficiency for the electrochemical generation of hydrogen peroxide
EES Souza, A Santos, IMD Gonzaga, NR Alves, LP Costa, LSR Silva, ...
Ceramics International 41 (8), 10293-10297, 2015
Microwave-prepared Ti/RuO2-IrO2 anodes: influence of IrO2 content on atrazine removal
IMD Gonzaga, AR Dória, RSS Castro, MRR Souza, MA Rodrigo, ...
Electrochimica Acta 426, 140782, 2022
A critical review of photo-based advanced oxidation processes to pharmaceutical degradation
IMD Gonzaga, CVS Almeida, LH Mascaro
Catalysts 13 (2), 221, 2023
Toward efficient electrocatalytic degradation of iohexol using active anodes: A laser-made versus commercial anodes
SA Bomfim, AR Dória, IMD Gonzaga, RVM Oliveira, LPC Romão, ...
Chemosphere 299, 134350, 2022
Platinum: A key element in electrode composition for reversible chloralkaline electrochemical cells
M Carvela, GOS Santos, IMD Gonzaga, KIB Eguiluz, J Lobato, ...
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 46 (64), 32602-32611, 2021
Scale-up of Ru-based mesh anodes for the degradation of synthetic hospital wastewater
IMD Gonzaga, AR Dória, G de OS Santos, A Moratalla, KIB Eguiluz, ...
Separation and Purification Technology 285, 120260, 2022
Strong influence of the heating method on Ti/RuO2-TiO2 anode electrochemical and photoassisted electrochemical performance
AR Dória, IMD Gonzaga, GOS Santos, CVS Almeida, DC Silva, RS Silva, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 339, 123092, 2023
Comprehensive experimental and theoretical studies on the synthesis and characterization of electrodeposited nanostructured Cu2O thin films
CB Gonçalves, RT Da Silva, G Dalenogare, IMD Gonzaga, LH Mascaro, ...
Surfaces and Interfaces 42, 103397, 2023
Efficient photoelectrochemical real textile wastewater detoxification using photoanodes of C3N4–BiVO4
IMD Gonzaga, R Gonçalves, CHM Fernandes, M Assis, IF Teixeira, ...
Chemosphere 352, 141315, 2024
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