Carlos Bloch Jr
Carlos Bloch Jr
Embrapa, UnB, University of Durham, University of Brasilia
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A new family of small (5 kDa) protein inhibitors of insect alpha-amylases from seeds or sorghum (Sorghum bicolar (L) Moench) have sequence homologies with wheat gamma-purothionins.
RM Bloch C Jr
FEBS Letters 279 (1), 101 - 104, 1991
Activity of wheat α‐amylase inhibitors towards bruchid α‐amylases and structural explanation of observed specificities
OL Franco, DJ Rigden, F R. Melo, C Bloch Jr, CP Silva, MF Grossi de Sá
European Journal of Biochemistry 267 (8), 2166-2173, 2000
Inhibition of trypsin by cowpea thionin: characterization, molecular modeling, and docking
FR Melo, DJ Rigden, OL Franco, LV Mello, MB Ary, MF Grossi de Sá, ...
Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 48 (2), 311-319, 2002
Purification, biochemical characterisation and partial primary structure of a new α-amylase inhibitor from Secale cereale (rye)
J Iulek, OL Franco, M Silva, CT Slivinski, C Bloch Jr, DJ Rigden, ...
The international journal of biochemistry & cell biology 32 (11-12), 1195-1204, 2000
Dermaseptins from Phyllomedusa oreades andPhyllomedusa distincta: ANTI-TRYPANOSOMA CRUZI ACTIVITY WITHOUT CYTOTOXICITY TO MAMMALIAN CELLS
GD Brand, JRSA Leite, LP Silva, S Albuquerque, MV Prates, RB Azevedo, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 277 (51), 49332-49340, 2002
Identification of a novel storage glycine-rich peptide from guava (Psidium guajava) seeds with activity against Gram-negative bacteria
PB Pelegrini, AM Murad, LP Silva, RCP Dos Santos, FT Costa, ...
peptides 29 (8), 1271-1279, 2008
Phylloseptins: a novel class of anti-bacterial and anti-protozoan peptides from the Phyllomedusa genus
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Antimicrobial activity of the bufadienolides marinobufagin and telocinobufagin isolated as major components from skin secretion of the toad Bufo rubescens
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Toxicon 45 (6), 777-782, 2005
Identification of a cowpea γ‐thionin with bactericidal activity
OL Franco, AM Murad, JR Leite, PAM Mendes, MV Prates, C Bloch Jr
The FEBS journal 273 (15), 3489-3497, 2006
Comparison of the partial proteomes of the venoms of Brazilian spiders of the genus Phoneutria
M Richardson, AMC Pimenta, MP Bemquerer, MM Santoro, PSL Beirao, ...
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part C: Toxicology & Pharmacology …, 2006
Functional and structural features of γ-zeathionins, a new class of sodium channel blockers
C Kushmerick, M de Souza Castro, JS Cruz, C Bloch Jr, PSL Beirão
FEBS letters 440 (3), 302-306, 1998
A novel heterodimeric antimicrobial peptide from the tree‐frog Phyllomedusa distincta
CVF Batista, A Scaloni, DJ Rigden, LR Silva, A Rodrigues Romero, ...
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Novel dermaseptins from Phyllomedusa hypochondrialis (Amphibia)
GD Brand, JRSA Leite, SM de Sá Mandel, DA Mesquita, LP Silva, ...
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 347 (3), 739-746, 2006
a-Amylase inhibitors from cowpea seeds
FR Melo, MP Sales, LS Pereira, C Bloch Jr, OL Franco, MB Ary
Prot. Pept. Lett 6, 385-390, 1999
Further report of the occurrence of tetrodotoxin and new analogues in the Anuran family Brachycephalidae
OR Pires Jr, A Sebben, EF Schwartz, RAV Morales, C Bloch Jr, ...
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The NMR-derived solution structure of a new cationic antimicrobial peptide from the skin secretion of the anuran Hyla punctata
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Lipopeptides Produced by a Soil Bacillus Megaterium Strain
MT Pueyo, C Bloch, AM Carmona-Ribeiro, P Di Mascio
Microbial ecology 57, 367-378, 2009
Effects of soybean Kunitz trypsin inhibitor on the cotton boll weevil (A nthonomus grandis)
OL Franco, SC Dias, CP Magalhaes, ACS Monteiro, C Bloch Jr, FR Melo, ...
Phytochemistry 65 (1), 81-89, 2004
A 2S albumin-homologous protein from passion fruit seeds inhibits the fungal growth and acidification of the medium by Fusarium oxysporum
AP Agizzio, AO Carvalho, FR Suzanna de Fátima, OLT Machado, ...
Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 416 (2), 188-195, 2003
Activity toward bruchid pest of a Kunitz-type inhibitor from seeds of the algaroba tree (Prosopis juliflora DC)
AS Oliveira, RA Pereira, LM Lima, AHA Morais, FR Melo, OL Franco, ...
Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology 72 (2), 122-132, 2002
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