Gabriel Ravanhani Schleder
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From DFT to machine learning: recent approaches to materials science–a review
GR Schleder, ACM Padilha, CM Acosta, M Costa, A Fazzio
Journal of Physics: Materials 2 (3), 032001, 2019
Bio-based polyurethane prepared from Kraft lignin and modified castor oil
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Toward Realistic Amorphous Topological Insulators
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Exploring Two-Dimensional Materials Thermodynamic Stability via Machine Learning
GR Schleder, CM Acosta, A Fazzio
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The 2021 Quantum Materials Roadmap
F Giustino, M Bibes, JH Lee, F Trier, R Valentí, SM Winter, YW Son, ...
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Ab initio simulations and Materials Chemistry in the Age of Big Data
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Pair Distribution Function from Electron Diffraction in Cryogenic Electron Microscopy: Revealing Glassy Water Structure
JB Souza Junior, GR Schleder, FM Colombari, MA de Farias, J Bettini, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 11 (4), 1564-1569, 2020
Decreasing Nanocrystal Structural Disorder by Ligand Exchange: An Experimental and Theoretical Analysis
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Tuning hydrogen adsorption and electronic properties from graphene to fluorographone
GR Schleder, E Marinho Jr, DJR Baquiao, YM Celaschi, F Gollino, ...
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Converging Multidimensional Sensor and Machine Learning Towards High-Throughput and Biorecognition Element-Free Multidetermination of Extracellular Vesicle Biomarkers
CYN Nicoliche, RAG de Oliveira, GS da Silva, LF Ferreira, IL Rodrigues, ...
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Ordinary microfluidic electrodes combined with bulk nanoprobe produce multidimensional electric double-layer capacitances towards metal ion recognition
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Oxidation of Ni13 clusters
GR Schleder, A Fazzio, JT Arantes
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Distilling small volumes of crude oil
GF Giordano, LCS Vieira, AO Gomes, RM de Carvalho, LT Kubota, ...
Fuel 285, 119072, 2021
Dynamic covalent bond from first principles: Diarylbibenzofuranone structural, electronic, and oxidation studies
GR Schleder, A Fazzio, JT Arantes
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Structural and electronic properties of realistic two-dimensional amorphous topological insulators
B Focassio, GR Schleder, M Costa, A Fazzio, C Lewenkopf
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Disorder effects of vacancies on the electronic transport properties of realistic topological insulators nanoribbons: the case of bismuthene
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Machine Learning na Física, Química, e Ciência de Materiais: Descoberta e Design de Materiais
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Revista Brasileira de Ensino de Física 43 (supl.1), e20200407, 2021
Pair Distribution Function Obtained from Electron Diffraction: An Advanced Real-Space Structural Characterization Tool
JBS Junior, GR Schleder, J Bettini, IC Nogueira, A Fazzio, ER Leite
Matter 4 (2), 441-460, 2021
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