Yanfa Yan
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Unusual defect physics in CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite solar cell absorber
WJ Yin, T Shi, Y Yan
Applied Physics Letters 104 (6), 063903, 2014
Unique properties of halide perovskites as possible origins of the superior solar cell performance
WJ Yin, T Shi, Y Yan
Advanced Materials 26 (27), 4653-4658, 2014
Halide perovskite materials for solar cells: a theoretical review
WJ Yin, JH Yang, J Kang, Y Yan, SH Wei
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3 (17), 8926-8942, 2015
Low-Temperature Solution-Processed Tin Oxide as an Alternative Electron Transporting Layer for Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells
W Ke, G Fang, Q Liu, L Xiong, P Qin, H Tao, J Wang, H Lei, B Li, J Wan, ...
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 137 (21), 6730, 2015
Nanostructured Fe3O4/SWNT Electrode: Binder‐Free and High‐Rate Li‐Ion Anode
C Ban, Z Wu, DT Gillaspie, L Chen, Y Yan, JL Blackburn, AC Dillon
Advanced Materials 22 (20), E145-E149, 2010
Control of Doping by Impurity Chemical Potentials: Predictions for -Type ZnO
Y Yan, SB Zhang, ST Pantelides
Physical Review Letters 86 (25), 5723, 2001
Band edge electronic structure of BiVO4: elucidating the role of the Bi s and V d orbitals
A Walsh, Y Yan, MN Huda, MM Al-Jassim, SH Wei
Chemistry of Materials 21 (3), 547-551, 2009
Microstructure and pseudocapacitive properties of electrodes constructed of oriented NiO-TiO2 nanotube arrays
JH Kim, K Zhu, Y Yan, CL Perkins, AJ Frank
Nano letters 10 (10), 4099-4104, 2010
Ultrathin Coatings on Nano-LiCoO2 for Li-Ion Vehicular Applications
ID Scott, YS Jung, AS Cavanagh, Y Yan, AC Dillon, SM George, SH Lee
Nano letters 11 (2), 414-418, 2010
Doping of ZnO by group-IB elements
Y Yan, MM Al-Jassim, SH Wei
Applied physics letters 89 (18), 181912, 2006
Band structure engineering of semiconductors for enhanced photoelectrochemical water splitting: the case of TiO 2
WJ Yin, H Tang, SH Wei, MM Al-Jassim, J Turner, Y Yan
Physical Review B 82 (4), 045106, 2010
Direct growth of highly mismatched type II ZnO/ZnSe core/shell nanowire arrays on transparent conducting oxide substrates for solar cell applications
K Wang, J Chen, W Zhou, Y Zhang, Y Yan, J Pern, A Mascarenhas
Advanced Materials 20 (17), 3248-3253, 2008
Thin-film preparation and characterization of Cs3Sb2I9: A lead-free perovskite semiconductor
B Saparov, F Hong, SJ Sun, HS Duan, W Meng, S Cameron, IG Hill, ...
Chem. Mater 27, 5622, 2015
Efficient hole-blocking layer-free planar halide perovskite thin-film solar cells
W Ke, G Fang, J Wan, H Tao, Q Liu, L Xiong, P Qin, J Wang, H Lei, ...
Nature Communications 6, 6700, 2015
Low-bandgap mixed tin–lead iodide perovskite absorbers with long carrier lifetimes for all-perovskite tandem solar cells
D Zhao, Y Yu, C Wang, W Liao, N Shrestha, CR Grice, AJ Cimaroli, ...
Nature Energy 2, 17018, 2017
Understanding the physical properties of hybrid perovskites for photovoltaic applications
J Huang, Y Yuan, Y Shao, Y Yan
Nat. Rev. Mater. 2, 17042, 2017
Employing Lead Thiocyanate Additive to Reduce the Hysteresis and Boost the Fill Factor of Planar Perovskite Solar Cells
W Ke, C Xiao, C Wang, B Saparov, HS Duan, D Zhao, Z Xiao, P Schulz, ...
Advanced Materials 28 (26), 5214-5221, 2016
Lead-Free Inverted Planar Formamidinium Tin Triiodide Perovskite Solar Cells Achieving Power Conversion Efficiencies up to 6.22%
W Liao, D Zhao, Y Yu, CR Grice, C Wang, AJ Cimaroli, P Schulz, W Meng, ...
Advanced Materials 28, 9333-9340, 2016
Growth and characterization of radio frequency magnetron sputter-deposited zinc stannate, thin films
DL Young, H Moutinho, Y Yan, TJ Coutts
Journal of applied physics 92 (1), 310-319, 2002
An organic-inorganic perovskite ferroelectric with large piezoelectric response
Y You, WQ Liao, D Zhao, HY Ye, Y Zhang, Q Zhou, X Niu, J Wang, PF Li, ...
Science 357, 306-309, 2017
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