Danon Clemes Cardoso
Danon Clemes Cardoso
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Cytogenetic and molecular analyses reveal a divergence between Acromyrmex striatus (Roger, 1863) and other congeneric species: taxonomic implications
MP Cristiano, DC Cardoso, TM Fernandes-Salomão
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The role of fusion in ant chromosome evolution: insights from cytogenetic analysis using a molecular phylogenetic approach in the genus Mycetophylax
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Use of manihot esculenta, crantz processing residue as biofertilizer in corn crops
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Development of new didactic materials for teaching science and biology: the importance of the new education practices
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Molecular phylogenetic reconstruction and localization of the (TTAGG) n telomeric repeats in the chromosomes of Acromyrmex striatus (Roger, 1863) suggests a lower ancestral …
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NM Travenzoli, BA Lima, DC Cardoso, JA Dergam, ...
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Antinociceptive effect of a ruthenium complex in mice
MP Cristiano, DC Cardoso, MM da Silva Paula, L Costa‐Campos
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The Ant Chromosome database–ACdb: an online resource for ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) chromosome researchers.
DC Cardoso, HG Santos, MP Cristiano
Chromosomal variation among populations of a fungus-farming ant: implications for karyotype evolution and potential restriction to gene flow
DC Cardoso, J Heinze, MN Moura, MP Cristiano
BMC evolutionary biology 18 (1), 1-10, 2018
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