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Alkaline direct alcohol fuel cells
E Antolini, ER Gonzalez
Journal of Power Sources 195 (11), 3431-3450, 2010
Poly-lactic acid synthesis for application in biomedical devices—A review
AJR Lasprilla, GAR Martinez, BH Lunelli, AL Jardini, R Maciel Filho
Biotechnology advances 30 (1), 321-328, 2012
Studies on the rapid expansion of sugarcane for ethanol production in São Paulo State (Brazil) using Landsat data
BFT Rudorff, DA Aguiar, WF Silva, LM Sugawara, M Adami, MA Moreira
Remote sensing 2 (4), 1057-1076, 2010
Bioethanol from lignocelluloses: status and perspectives in Brazil
CR Soccol, LP de Souza Vandenberghe, ABP Medeiros, SG Karp, ...
Bioresource technology 101 (13), 4820-4825, 2010
Determination of the molecular weight of proteins in solution from a single small-angle X-ray scattering measurement on a relative scale
H Fischer, M Oliveira Neto, HB Napolitano, I Polikarpov, AF Craievich
Journal of Applied Crystallography 43 (1), 101-109, 2010
Sugarcane for bioenergy production: an assessment of yield and regulation of sucrose content
AJ Waclawovsky, PM Sato, CG Lembke, PH Moore, GM Souza
Plant Biotechnology Journal 8 (3), 263-276, 2010
Chemical and morphological characterization of sugarcane bagasse submitted to a delignification process for enhanced enzymatic digestibility
CA Rezende, MA de Lima, P Maziero, E Ribeiro deAzevedo, W Garcia, ...
Biotechnology for biofuels 4 (1), 1, 2011
Milling pretreatment of sugarcane bagasse and straw for enzymatic hydrolysis and ethanol fermentation
ASA da Silva, H Inoue, T Endo, S Yano, EPS Bon
Bioresource Technology 101 (19), 7402-7409, 2010
Integrated versus stand-alone second generation ethanol production from sugarcane bagasse and trash
MOS Dias, TL Junqueira, O Cavalett, MP Cunha, CDF Jesus, ...
Bioresource technology 103 (1), 152-161, 2012
Cellulose nanofibers from white and naturally colored cotton fibers
E de Morais Teixeira, AC Corrêa, A Manzoli, F de Lima Leite, ...
Cellulose 17 (3), 595-606, 2010
Bioconversion of sugarcane biomass into ethanol: an overview about composition, pretreatment methods, detoxification of hydrolysates, enzymatic saccharification, and ethanol …
L Canilha, AK Chandel, T Suzane dos Santos Milessi, FAF Antunes, ...
BioMed Research International 2012, 2012
Production of bioethanol, methane and heat from sugarcane bagasse in a biorefinery concept
SC Rabelo, H Carrere, R Maciel Filho, AC Costa
Bioresource Technology 102 (17), 7887-7895, 2011
Production of bioethanol and other bio-based materials from sugarcane bagasse: integration to conventional bioethanol production process
MOS Dias, AV Ensinas, SA Nebra, R Maciel Filho, CEV Rossell, ...
Chemical Engineering Research and Design 87 (9), 1206-1216, 2009
Sugarcane vinasse: environmental implications of its use
CA Christofoletti, JP Escher, JE Correia, JFU Marinho, CS Fontanetti
Waste management 33 (12), 2752-2761, 2013
Scientific challenges of bioethanol production in Brazil
HV Amorim, ML Lopes, JV de Castro Oliveira, MS Buckeridge, ...
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 91 (5), 1267-1275, 2011
Taxonomical and functional microbial community selection in soybean rhizosphere
LW Mendes, EE Kuramae, AA Navarrete, JA van Veen, SM Tsai
The ISME journal 8 (8), 1577-1587, 2014
OneMap: software for genetic mapping in outcrossing species
GRA Margarido, AP Souza, AAF Garcia
Hereditas 144 (3), 78-79, 2007
Sugarcane bagasse and leaves: foreseeable biomass of biofuel and bio‐products
AK Chandel, SS da Silva, W Carvalho, OV Singh
Journal of chemical technology and biotechnology 87 (1), 11-20, 2012
Second generation ethanol in Brazil: can it compete with electricity production?
MOS Dias, MP Cunha, CDF Jesus, GJM Rocha, JGC Pradella, ...
Bioresource technology 102 (19), 8964-8971, 2011
GRASSIUS: a platform for comparative regulatory genomics across the grasses
A Yilmaz, MY Nishiyama, BG Fuentes, GM Souza, D Janies, J Gray, ...
Plant physiology 149 (1), 171-180, 2009
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