Tamir Chandra
Tamir Chandra
MRC Unit for Human Genetics, IGMM Edinburgh
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SC3: consensus clustering of single-cell RNA-seq data
VY Kiselev, K Kirschner, MT Schaub, T Andrews, A Yiu, T Chandra, ...
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cGAS surveillance of micronuclei links genome instability to innate immunity
KJ Mackenzie, P Carroll, CA Martin, O Murina, A Fluteau, DJ Simpson, ...
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M Sadaie, R Salama, T Carroll, K Tomimatsu, T Chandra, ARJ Young, ...
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P Stepper, G Kungulovski, RZ Jurkowska, T Chandra, F Krueger, ...
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Deletion of the polycomb-group protein EZH2 leads to compromised self-renewal and differentiation defects in human embryonic stem cells
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Direct sequencing of small genomes on the Pacific Biosciences RS without library preparation
P Coupland, T Chandra, M Quail, W Reik, H Swerdlow
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Partial reprogramming induces a steady decline in epigenetic age before loss of somatic identity
N Olova, DJ Simpson, RE Marioni, T Chandra
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Proliferation drives aging-related functional decline in a subpopulation of the hematopoietic stem cell compartment
K Kirschner, T Chandra, V Kiselev, D Flores-Santa Cruz, IC Macaulay, ...
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Molecular interactions of the type 1 human immunodeficiency virus transregulatory protein Tat with N-methyl-d-aspartate receptor subunits
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Replication-timing boundaries facilitate cell-type and species-specific regulation of a rearranged human chromosome in mouse
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Aging cell 11 (3), 553-556, 2012
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