Metin I. Eren
Metin I. Eren
Professor, Kent State University; Research Associate, Cleveland Museum of Natural History
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Why Levallois? A morphometric comparison of experimental ‘preferential’ Levallois flakes versus debitage flakes
MI Eren, SJ Lycett
PLoS one 7 (1), e29273, 2012
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MI Eren, RJ Patten, MJ O’Brien, DJ Meltzer
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Neutron activation analysis of 12,900-year-old stone artifacts confirms 450–510+ km Clovis tool-stone acquisition at Paleo Crossing (33ME274), northeast Ohio, USA
MT Boulanger, B Buchanan, MJ O’Brien, BG Redmond, MD Glascock, ...
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An empirical test of the relative frequency of bipolar reduction in beds VI, V, and III at Mumba Rockshelter, Tanzania: Implications for the East African Middle to Late Stone …
MI Eren, F Diez-Martin, M Dominguez-Rodrigo
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Does butchering fish leave cut marks?
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Lower Paleolithic bipolar reduction and hominin selection of quartz at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania: What's the connection?
AN Gurtov, MI Eren
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Levallois economics: an examination of ‘waste’ production in experimentally produced Levallois reduction sequences
SJ Lycett, MI Eren
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Flaked stone taphonomy: a controlled experimental study of the effects of sediment consolidation on flake edge morphology
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Levallois lessons: the challenge of integrating mathematical models, quantitative experiments and the archaeological record
SJ Lycett, MI Eren
Routledge 45 (4), 519-538, 2013
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