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Highly Efficient Blue‐Emitting Iridium (III) Carbene Complexes and Phosphorescent OLEDs
CF Chang, YM Cheng, Y Chi, YC Chiu, CC Lin, GH Lee, PT Chou, ...
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En Route to High External Quantum Efficiency (∼ 12%), Organic True‐Blue‐Light‐Emitting Diodes Employing Novel Design of Iridium (III) Phosphors
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A Vision toward Ultimate Optical Out‐Coupling for Organic Light‐Emitting Diode Displays: 3D Pixel Configuration
YJ Chen, WK Lee, YT Chen, CY Lin, SW Wen, M Jiao, GD Su, HY Lin, ...
Advanced Science 5 (10), 1800467, 2018
Achieving a foldable and durable OLED display with BT. 2020 color space using innovative color filter structure
MT Lee, CL Wang, CS Chan, CC Fu, CY Shih, CC Chen, KH Lin, ...
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24‐5L: Late‐News Paper: Ultra Durable and Foldable AMOLED Display Capable of Withstanding One Million Folding Cycles
MT Lee, CL Wang, CS Chan, CC Fu, CC Chen, KH Lin, WC Huang, ...
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64.4 L: Late‐News Paper: Symmetric Panel Stacking Design for Achieving 3mm Rolling Radius in Plastic‐based AMOLED Display
MT Lee, CL Wang, CS Chan, CC Fu, CC Chen, KH Lin, WC Huang, ...
SID Symposium Digest of Technical Papers 46 (1), 958-961, 2015
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