Geanderson Araujo Carvalho
Geanderson Araujo Carvalho
Instituto de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento, Universidade do Vale do Paraíba
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Stellar equilibrium configurations of white dwarfs in the f (R, T) gravity
GA Carvalho, RV Lobato, P Moraes, JDV Arbañil, E Otoniel, RM Marinho, ...
The European Physical Journal C 77 (12), 1-8, 2017
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GA Carvalho, RM Marinho, M Malheiro
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SI dos Santos, GA Carvalho, P Moraes, CH Lenzi, M Malheiro
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GA Carvalho, JDV Arbañil, RM Marinho, M Malheiro
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The importance of gr for the radius of massive white dwarfs
G Carvalho, R Marinho Jr, M Malheiro
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Neutron stars in f ( R , L m ) gravity with realistic equations of state: joint-constrains with GW170817, massive pulsars, and the PSR J0030+0451 mass-radius …
RV Lobato, GA Carvalho, CA Bertulani
The European Physical Journal C 81 (11), 1-7, 2021
Study of the charged super-Chandrasekhar limiting mass white dwarfs in the gravity
F Rocha, GA Carvalho, D Deb, M Malheiro
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Photolysis of CH3CN Ices by Soft X-rays: Implications for the Chemistry of Astrophysical Ices at the Surroundings of X-ray Sources
GA Carvalho, S Pilling
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Extra dimensions’ influence on the equilibrium and radial stability of strange quark stars
JDV Arbañil, GA Carvalho, RV Lobato, RM Marinho, M Malheiro
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General approach to the Lagrangian ambiguity in the f(R,T) gravity
GA Carvalho, F Rocha, HO Oliveira, RV Lobato
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X-ray photolysis of CH3COCH3 ice: implications for the radiation effects of compact objects towards astrophysical ices
GA Carvalho, S Pilling
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Mass-Radius Relation for White Dwarfs Models at Zero Temperature
A Carvalho, RM MarinhoJr, M Malheiro
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 706 (5), 052016, 2016
Chemical changes induced during heating of acetonitrile-rich ice pre-irradiated by X-rays and its implication in astrochemistry
GA Carvalho, S Pilling
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 267, 120495, 2022
Time-scales to reach chemical equilibrium in ices at snowline distance around compact objects: the influence of accretion mass in the central object
GA Carvalho, S Pilling
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Chemical Evolution of CO2 Ices under Processing by Ionizing Radiation: Characterization of Nonobserved Species and Chemical Equilibrium Phase with the Employment of PROCODA Code
S Pilling, GA Carvalho, WRM Rocha
The Astrophysical Journal 925 (2), 147, 2022
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