Thaciana Malaspina
Thaciana Malaspina
Professora Associada - Universidade Federal de São Paulo - Instituto de Ciência e Tecnologia -Campus
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Ab initio calculation of hydrogen bonds in liquids: A sequential Monte Carlo quantum mechanics study of pyridine in water
T Malaspina, K Coutinho, S Canuto
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Journal of Molecular Liquids 383, 122097, 2023
Effect of solute flexibility and polarization on the solvatochromic shift of a brominated merocyanine dye in water: A sequential MD/QM study
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Prediction of the hydration properties of diamondoids from free energy and potential of mean force calculations
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Hydration properties of the polyalanines by atomistic molecular dynamics
T Malaspina, F de Oliveira Outi, G Colherinhas, EE Fileti
Journal of Molecular Liquids 244, 285-290, 2017
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