Francisco C. Marques
Francisco C. Marques
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Coefficient of thermal expansion and elastic modulus of thin films
MM de Lima Jr, RG Lacerda, J Vilcarromero, FC Marques
Journal of Applied Physics 86 (9), 4936-4942, 1999
Hard hydrogenated carbon films with low stress
RG Lacerda, FC Marques
Applied Physics Letters 73 (5), 617-619, 1998
Structural, optical, and electrical characterization of improved amorphous hydrogenated germanium
WA Turner, SJ Jones, D Pang, BF Bateman, JH Chen, YM Li, FC Marques, ...
Journal of applied physics 67 (12), 7430-7438, 1990
Thermal expansion coefficient of hydrogenated amorphous carbon
FC Marques, RG Lacerda, A Champi, V Stolojan, DC Cox, SRP Silva
Applied physics letters 83 (15), 3099-3101, 2003
SnO2 extended gate field-effect transistor as pH sensor
PD Batista, M Mulato, CFO Graeff, FJR Fernandez, FC Marques
Brazilian Journal of Physics 36 (2A), 478-481, 2006
Hard graphitic-like amorphous carbon films with high stress and local microscopic density
RG Lacerda, P Hammer, CM Lepienski, F Alvarez, FC Marques
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films 19 (3 …, 2001
Perovskite-inspired photovoltaic materials: Toward best practices in materials characterization and calculations
RLZ Hoye, P Schulz, LT Schelhas, AM Holder, KH Stone, JD Perkins, ...
Chemistry of Materials 29 (5), 1964-1988, 2017
Diamond like carbon used as antireflective coating on crystalline silicon solar cells
MH Oliveira Jr, DS Silva, ADS Côrtes, MAB Namani, FC Marques
Diamond and Related Materials 18 (5-8), 1028-1030, 2009
On the hardness of aC: H films prepared by methane plasma decomposition
FC Marques, RG Lacerda, GY Odo, CM Lepienski
Thin Solid Films 332 (1-2), 113-117, 1998
A study of the properties of hydrogenated amorphous germanium produced by rf glow discharge as the electrode gap is varied the link between microstructure and optoelectronic …
BP Wickboldt, SJ Jones, FC Marques, D Pang, WA Turner, AE Wetsel, ...
Philosophical Magazine B 64 (6), 655-674, 1991
Pressure-induced physical changes of noble gases implanted in highly stressed amorphous carbon films
RG Lacerda, MC Dos Santos, LR Tessler, P Hammer, F Alvarez, ...
Physical Review B 68 (5), 054104, 2003
XPS study of the chemical bonding in hydrogenated amorphous germanium–carbon alloys
J Vilcarromero, FC Marques
Applied Physics A 70 (5), 581-585, 2000
Stress and thermomechanical properties of amorphous hydrogenated germanium thin films deposited by glow discharge
FC Marques, P Wickboldt, D Pang, JH Chen, W Paul
Journal of applied physics 84 (6), 3118-3124, 1998
Optoelectronic and structural properties of prepared by rf reactive cosputtering
J Vilcarromero, FC Marques, FL Freire Jr
Journal of applied physics 84 (1), 174-180, 1998
Purification of metallurgical silicon by horizontal zone melting
PR Mei, SP Moreira, E Cardoso, ADS Côrtes, FC Marques
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 98, 233-239, 2012
On the structure of argon assisted amorphous carbon films
RG Lacerda, P Hammer, FL Freire Jr, F Alvarez, FC Marques
Diamond and Related Materials 9 (3-6), 796-800, 2000
The subimplantation model for diamond-like carbon films deposited by methane gas decomposition
RG Lacerda, FC Marques, FL Freire Jr
Diamond and related materials 8 (2-5), 495-499, 1999
Application of amorphous carbon based materials as antireflective coatings on crystalline silicon solar cells
DS Da Silva, ADS Côrtes, MH Oliveira Jr, EF Motta, GA Viana, PR Mei, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 110 (4), 043510, 2011
Bonding properties of rf-co-sputtering amorphous Ge–C films studied by X-ray photoelectron and Raman spectroscopies
J Vilcarromero, FC Marques, J Andreu
Journal of non-crystalline solids 227, 427-431, 1998
Diamond-like carbon deposited by plasma technique as a function of methane flow rate
GA Viana, EF Motta, M Da Costa, FL Freire Jr, FC Marques
Diamond and Related Materials 19 (7-9), 756-759, 2010
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