Saubhik Haldar
Saubhik Haldar
Associate Professor. Department of Chemistry, Jadavpur University
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Interactions between cholesterol and lipids in bilayer membranes. Role of lipid headgroup and hydrocarbon chain–backbone linkage
S Bhattacharya, S Haldar
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S Halder, KK Yadav, R Sarkar, S Mukherjee, P Saha, S Haldar, ...
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Utilization of vinasse for production of poly-3-(hydroxybutyrate-co-hydroxyvalerate) by Haloferax mediterranei
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Integration of poly-3-(hydroxybutyrate-co-hydroxyvalerate) production by Haloferax mediterranei through utilization of stillage from rice-based ethanol manufacture in India and …
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Production enhancement and characterization of the polyhydroxyalkanoate produced by Natrinema ajinwuensis (as synonym)≡ Natrinema altunense strain RM-G10
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Role of non-covalent interactions in the molecular organization of Nn-hexadecanoyl amino acid amphiphiles with hydrophobic Cα-side chains in Tris buffer (pH 9.3)
S Haldar, SK Maji
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Enhanced biotransformation of fluoranthene by intertidally derived Cunninghamella elegans under biofilm-based and niche-mimicking conditions
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Synthesis and self-assembly properties of acylated cyclodextrins and nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA)-modified inclusion ligands for interfacial protein crystallization
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A systematic understanding of gelation self-assembly: solvophobically assisted supramolecular gelation via conformational reorientation across amide functionality on a …
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Generation of Bioactive Materials with Rapid Self‐Assembling Resorcinarene‐Peptides
M Charnley, K Fairfull‐Smith, S Haldar, R Elliott, SL McArthur, ...
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Effect of peptide architecture on the self-assembly properties of tripeptide based anionic surfactants issued from two different peptide sequences: Ala-Ala-Val and Ala-Pro-Val …
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Concentration dependent morphological transition of nanostructured self-assembly towards hydrogelation seeding from micellar aggregates through stereochemically optimized H …
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Tweaking of the supramolecular gelation properties of a dipeptide based ambidextrous organogelator through the cooperative influence of hydrophobicity, steric bulk and …
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Synthesis of novel cationic lipids with fully or partially non-scissile linkages between the hydrocarbon chains and pseudoglyceryl backbone
S Bhattacharya, S Haldar
Journal of Chemical Sciences 114 (3), 197-201, 2002
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