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Reproductive isolation between diploid and tetraploid cytotypes of Libidibia ferrea (= Caesalpinia ferrea) (Leguminosae): ecological and taxonomic …
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Advanced understanding of phylogenetic relationships, morphological evolution and biogeographic history of the mega-diverse plant genus Myrcia and its relatives (Myrtaceae …
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Too many species: morphometrics, molecular phylogenetics and genome structure of a Brazilian species complex in Epidendrum (Laeliinae; Orchidaceae) reveal …
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Chromosome Mapping of Repetitive Sequences in Rachycentron canadum (Perciformes: Rachycentridae): Implications for Karyotypic Evolution and Perspectives …
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Origin and parental genome characterization of the allotetraploid Stylosanthes scabra Vogel (Papilionoideae, Leguminosae), an important legume pasture crop
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Plant Systematics and Evolution 303, 1131-1144, 2017
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