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An analysis of the fit of mathematical models applicable to the measurement of left ventricular volume
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SJL Dystrophic Mice Express a Significant Amount of Human Muscle Proteins Following Systemic Delivery of Human Adipose‐Derived Stromal Cells Without …
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Analysis of recombinant human growth hormone directly in osmotic shock fluids
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A molecular mimic demonstrates that phosphorylated human prolactin is a potent anti-angiogenic hormone
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High‐level expression of human thyroid‐stimulating hormone in Chinese hamster ovary cells by co‐transfection of dicistronic expression vectors followed by a dual‐marker …
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Human multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells from distinct sources show different in vivo potential to differentiate into muscle cells when injected in dystrophic mice
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Determination of Chinese hamster ovary cell-derived recombinant thyrotropin by reversed-phase liquid chromatography
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Stable expression of a human-like sialylated recombinant thyrotropin in a Chinese hamster ovary cell line expressing α2, 6-sialyltransferase
R Damiani, JE Oliveira, K Vorauer-Uhl, CN Peroni, EG Vianna, P Bartolini, ...
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In vivo bioassay for the potency determination of human growth hormone in dwarf" little" mice
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Human Adipose Tissue Derived Pericytes Increase Life Span in Utrntm1KedDmdmdx/J Mice
MC Valadares, JP Gomes, G Castello, A Assoni, M Pellati, C Bueno, ...
Stem cell reviews and reports 10 (6), 830-840, 2014
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