Golibjon Berdiyorov
Golibjon Berdiyorov
Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute, Doha, Qatar
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Efficient Antibacterial Membrane based on Two-Dimensional Ti3C2Tx (MXene) Nanosheets
K Rasool, KA Mahmoud, DJ Johnson, M Helal, GR Berdiyorov, Y Gogotsi
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1598, 2017
Optical properties of functionalized Ti3C2T2 (T= F, O, OH) MXene: First-principles calculations
GR Berdiyorov
Aip Advances 6 (5), 2016
Novel commensurability effects in superconducting films with antidot arrays
GR Berdiyorov, MV Milošević, FM Peeters
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Effect of surface functionalization on the electronic transport properties of Ti3C2 MXene
GR Berdiyorov
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Vortex configurations and critical parameters in superconducting thin films containing antidot arrays: Nonlinear Ginzburg-Landau theory
GR Berdiyorov, MV Milošević, FM Peeters
Physical Review B 74 (17), 174512, 2006
Reactive molecular dynamics simulations of oxygen species in a liquid water layer of interest for plasma medicine
M Yusupov, EC Neyts, P Simon, G Berdiyorov, R Snoeckx, ACT Van Duin, ...
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ME Madjet, GR Berdiyorov, F El-Mellouhi, FH Alharbi, AV Akimov, S Kais
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Kinematic vortex-antivortex lines in strongly driven superconducting stripes
GR Berdiyorov, MV Milošević, FM Peeters
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Realization of artificial ice systems for magnetic vortices in a superconducting MoGe thin film with patterned nanostructures
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M Neek-Amal, A Sadeghi, GR Berdiyorov, FM Peeters
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Effect of surface termination on ion intercalation selectivity of bilayer Ti3C2T2 (T= F, O and OH) MXene
GR Berdiyorov, KA Mahmoud
Applied Surface Science 416, 725-730, 2017
Influence of vacancy defects on the thermal stability of silicene: a reactive molecular dynamics study
GR Berdiyorov, FM Peeters
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Ionic sieving through Ti3C2 (OH) 2 MXene: first-principles calculations
GR Berdiyorov, ME Madjet, KA Mahmoud
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AV Silhanek, MV Milošević, RBG Kramer, GR Berdiyorov, ...
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GR Berdiyorov, BJ Baelus, MV Milošević, FM Peeters
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First-principles study of electronic transport and optical properties of penta-graphene, penta-SiC 2 and penta-CN 2
GR Berdiyorov, MEA Madjet
RSC advances 6 (56), 50867-50873, 2016
Role of cations on the electronic transport and optical properties of lead-iodide perovskites
GR Berdiyorov, A Kachmar, F El-Mellouhi, MA Carignano, ...
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Stabilized silicene within bilayer graphene: A proposal based on molecular dynamics and density-functional tight-binding calculations
GR Berdiyorov, M Neek-Amal, FM Peeters, ACT Van Duin
Physical Review B 89 (2), 024107, 2014
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