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Best practices for the synthesis, activation, and characterization of metal–organic frameworks
AJ Howarth, AW Peters, NA Vermeulen, TC Wang, JT Hupp, OK Farha
Chemistry of Materials 29 (1), 26-39, 2017
Sintering-resistant single-site nickel catalyst supported by metal–organic framework
Z Li, NM Schweitzer, AB League, V Bernales, AW Peters, AB Getsoian, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 138 (6), 1977-1982, 2016
A porous proton-relaying metal-organic framework material that accelerates electrochemical hydrogen evolution
I Hod, P Deria, W Bury, JE Mondloch, CW Kung, M So, MD Sampson, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 8304, 2015
Metal–organic framework supported cobalt catalysts for the oxidative dehydrogenation of propane at low temperature
Z Li, AW Peters, V Bernales, MA Ortuño, NM Schweitzer, MR DeStefano, ...
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An exceptionally stable metal–organic framework supported molybdenum (VI) oxide catalyst for cyclohexene epoxidation
H Noh, Y Cui, AW Peters, DR Pahls, MA Ortuño, NA Vermeulen, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 138 (44), 14720-14726, 2016
Synthesis of nanocrystals of Zr-based metal–organic frameworks with csq-net: significant enhancement in the degradation of a nerve agent simulant
P Li, RC Klet, SY Moon, TC Wang, P Deria, AW Peters, BM Klahr, HJ Park, ...
Chemical communications 51 (54), 10925-10928, 2015
Revisiting the structural homogeneity of NU-1000, a Zr-based metal–organic framework
T Islamoglu, K Otake, P Li, CT Buru, AW Peters, I Akpinar, SJ Garibay, ...
CrystEngComm 20 (39), 5913-5918, 2018
Atomically Precise Growth of Catalytically Active Cobalt Sulfide on Flat Surfaces and within a Metal–Organic Framework via Atomic Layer Deposition
AW Peters, Z Li, OK Farha, JT Hupp
Acs Nano 9 (8), 8484-8490, 2015
Toward inexpensive photocatalytic hydrogen evolution: a nickel sulfide catalyst supported on a high-stability metal–organic framework
AW Peters, Z Li, OK Farha, JT Hupp
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (32), 20675-20681, 2016
Copper Nanoparticles Installed in Metal–Organic Framework Thin Films are Electrocatalytically Competent for CO2 Reduction
CW Kung, CO Audu, AW Peters, H Noh, OK Farha, JT Hupp
ACS Energy Letters 2 (10), 2394-2401, 2017
Metal–organic frameworks as platform materials for solar fuels catalysis
MB Majewski, AW Peters, MR Wasielewski, JT Hupp, OK Farha
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Fine-tuning the activity of metal–organic framework-supported cobalt catalysts for the oxidative dehydrogenation of propane
Z Li, AW Peters, AE Platero-Prats, J Liu, CW Kung, H Noh, MR DeStefano, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (42), 15251-15258, 2017
Comparative study of titanium-functionalized UiO-66: support effect on the oxidation of cyclohexene using hydrogen peroxide
HGT Nguyen, L Mao, AW Peters, CO Audu, ZJ Brown, OK Farha, JT Hupp, ...
Catalysis Science & Technology 5 (9), 4444-4451, 2015
Beyond the active site: tuning the activity and selectivity of a metal–organic framework-supported Ni catalyst for ethylene dimerization
J Liu, J Ye, Z Li, K Otake, Y Liao, AW Peters, H Noh, DG Truhlar, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (36), 11174-11178, 2018
Redox-mediator-assisted electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution from water by a molybdenum sulfide-functionalized metal–organic framework
H Noh, CW Kung, K Otake, AW Peters, Z Li, Y Liao, X Gong, OK Farha, ...
ACS Catalysis 8 (10), 9848-9858, 2018
Computationally guided discovery of a catalytic cobalt-decorated metal–organic framework for ethylene dimerization
V Bernales, AB League, Z Li, NM Schweitzer, AW Peters, RK Carlson, ...
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Room temperature synthesis of an 8-connected Zr-based metal–organic framework for top-down nanoparticle encapsulation
H Noh, CW Kung, T Islamoglu, AW Peters, Y Liao, P Li, SJ Garibay, ...
Chemistry of Materials 30 (7), 2193-2197, 2018
Introducing nonstructural ligands to zirconia-like metal–organic framework nodes to tune the activity of node-supported nickel catalysts for ethylene hydrogenation
J Liu, Z Li, X Zhang, K Otake, L Zhang, AW Peters, MJ Young, NM Bedford, ...
ACS Catalysis 9 (4), 3198-3207, 2019
Addressing the characterisation challenge to understand catalysis in MOFs: the case of nanoscale Cu supported in NU-1000
AE Platero-Prats, Z Li, LC Gallington, AW Peters, JT Hupp, OK Farha, ...
Faraday discussions 201, 337-350, 2017
Improving the efficiency of mustard gas simulant detoxification by tuning the singlet oxygen quantum yield in metal–organic frameworks and their corresponding thin films
CT Buru, MB Majewski, AJ Howarth, RH Lavroff, CW Kung, AW Peters, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (28), 23802-23806, 2018
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