Eduardo Flores
Eduardo Flores
Centro de Nanociencias y Nanotecnología, CNyN-UNAM
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Thermoelectric power of bulk black-phosphorus
E Flores, JR Ares, A Castellanos-Gomez, M Barawi, IJ Ferrer, C Sánchez
Applied Physics Letters 106 (2), 022102, 2015
Electronics and optoelectronics of quasi-1D layered transition metal trichalcogenides
JO Island, AJ Molina-Mendoza, M Barawi, R Biele, E Flores, ...
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Temperature-Dependent Raman Spectroscopy of Titanium Trisulfide (TiS3) Nanoribbons and Nanosheets
AS Pawbake, JO Island, E Flores, JR Ares, C Sanchez, IJ Ferrer, ...
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AJ Molina‐Mendoza, M Barawi, R Biele, E Flores, JR Ares, C Sánchez, ...
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M Barawi, E Flores, IJ Ferrer, JR Ares, C Sánchez
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Strain-induced band gap engineering in layered TiS 3
R Biele, E Flores, JR Ares, C Sanchez, IJ Ferrer, G Rubio-Bollinger, ...
Nano Research 11 (1), 225-232, 2018
Hydrogen Photoassisted Generation by Visible Light and an Earth Abundant Photocatalyst: Pyrite (FeS2)
M Barawi, IJ Ferrer, E Flores, S Yoda, JR Ares, C Sánchez
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Synthesis and characterization of a family of layered trichalcogenides for assisted hydrogen photogeneration
E Flores, JR Ares, IJ Ferrer, C Sánchez
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AJ Molina‐Mendoza, JO Island, WS Paz, JM Clamagirand, JR Ares, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 27 (13), 1605647, 2017
Polarization‐Sensitive and Broadband Photodetection Based on a Mixed‐Dimensionality TiS3/Si p–n Junction
Y Niu, R Frisenda, E Flores, JR Ares, W Jiao, D Perez de Lara, C Sánchez, ...
Advanced Optical Materials 6 (19), 1800351, 2018
Marcasite revisited: optical absorption gap at room temperature
C Sánchez, E Flores, M Barawi, JM Clamagirand, JR Ares, IJ Ferrer
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Large birefringence and linear dichroism in TiS 3 nanosheets
N Papadopoulos, R Frisenda, R Biele, E Flores, JR Ares, C Sánchez, ...
Nanoscale 10 (26), 12424-12429, 2018
Chemical vapor deposition growth of boron–carbon–nitrogen layers from methylamine borane thermolysis products
F Leardini, E Flores, IJ Ferrer, JR Ares, C Sánchez, P Molina, ...
Nanotechnology 29 (2), 025603, 2017
Dielectrophoretic assembly of liquid-phase-exfoliated TiS 3 nanoribbons for photodetecting applications
R Frisenda, E Giovanelli, P Mishra, P Gant, E Flores, C Sánchez, JR Ares, ...
Chemical Communications 53 (45), 6164-6167, 2017
Influence of temperature on thermoelectric properties of FexCo1− xS2 thin films: a semiconductor to semimetal conversion
JM Clamagirand, JR Ares, E Flores, P Diaz-Chao, F Leardini, IJ Ferrer, ...
Thin Solid Films 600, 19-24, 2016
Hydrogen storage by titanium based sulfides: nanoribbons (TiS3) and nanoplates (TiS2)
M Barawi, E Flores, M Ponthieu, JR Ares, F Cuevas, F Leardini, I Ferrer, ...
J. Electr. Eng 3, 24-29, 2015
Beyond Mono-, Di-, and Trisulfides: Synthesizing Vanadium Tetrasulfide (VS4) Films for Energy Conversion
E Flores, E Muñoz-Cortés, J Bodega, O Caballero-Calero, ...
ACS Applied Energy Materials 1 (5), 2333-2340, 2018
Synthesis of ternary borocarbonitrides by high temperature pyrolysis of ethane 1, 2-diamineborane
F Leardini, L Massimi, E Flores-Cuevas, JF Fernández, JR Ares, MG Betti, ...
Materials 8 (9), 5974-5985, 2015
Unravelling nanoporous anodic iron oxide formation
M Martin-Gonzalez, R Martinez-Moro, MH Aguirre, E Flores, ...
Electrochimica Acta 330, 135241, 2020
Ternary transition titanium-niobium trisulfide as photoanode for assisted water splitting
E Flores, JR Ares, C Sánchez, IJ Ferrer
Catalysis Today 321, 107-112, 2019
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