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Speciation in parasites: a population genetics approach
T Huyse, R Poulin, A Theron
TRENDS in Parasitology 21 (10), 469-475, 2005
Outbreak of urogenital schistosomiasis in Corsica (France): an epidemiological case study
J Boissier, S Grech-Angelini, BL Webster, JF Allienne, T Huyse, ...
The Lancet Infectious Diseases 16 (8), 971-979, 2016
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T Huyse, BL Webster, S Geldof, JR Stothard, OT Diaw, K Polman, ...
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T Huyse, FAM Volckaert
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MZ Zarowiecki, T Huyse, DTJ Littlewood
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MS Ziętara, T Huyse, J Lumme, FA Volckaert
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Speciation and host–parasite relationships in the parasite genus Gyrodactylus (Monogenea, Platyhelminthes) infecting gobies of the genus Pomatoschistus (Gobiidae, Teleostei)
T Huyse, V Audenaert, FAM Volckaert
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Multilocus genotyping reveals high heterogeneity and strong local population structure of the Plasmodium vivax population in the Peruvian Amazon
P Van den Eede, G Van der Auwera, C Delgado, T Huyse, VE Soto-Calle, ...
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The genetic legacy of polyploid Bolivian Daphnia: the tropical Andes as a source for the North and South American D. pulicaria complex
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BL Webster, D Rollinson, JR Stothard, T Huyse
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T Huyse, K Buchmann, DTJ Littlewood
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Spatio-temporal dynamics of the parasitic nematode Anguillicola crassus in Flanders, Belgium
V Audenaert, T Huyse, G Goemans, C Belpaire, FAM Volckaert
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High molecular diversity in the rhodopsin gene in closely related goby fishes: A role for visual pigments in adaptive speciation?
MHD Larmuseau, T Huyse, K Vancampenhout, JKJ Van Houdt, ...
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T Huyse, F Van den Broeck, B Hellemans, FAM Volckaert, K Polman
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