Daniel R. Gamelin
Daniel R. Gamelin
Boand Chair Professor of Chemistry, University of Washington, Seattle
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Power dependence of upconversion luminescence in lanthanide and transition-metal-ion systems
M Pollnau, DR Gamelin, SR Lüthi, HU Güdel, MP Hehlen
Physical Review B 61 (5), 3337, 2000
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DK Zhong, S Choi, DR Gamelin
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A Dey, J Ye, A De, E Debroye, SK Ha, E Bladt, AS Kshirsagar, Z Wang, ...
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Efficient CdSe quantum dot-sensitized solar cells prepared by an improved successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction process
HJ Lee, M Wang, P Chen, DR Gamelin, SM Zakeeruddin, M Gratzel, ...
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DK Zhong, M Cornuz, K Sivula, M Grätzel, DR Gamelin
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DK Zhong, DR Gamelin
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KR Kittilstved, NS Norberg, DR Gamelin
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SE Creutz, EN Crites, MC De Siena, DR Gamelin
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EJ McLaurin, LR Bradshaw, DR Gamelin
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DA Schwartz, DR Gamelin
Advanced Materials 16, 2115–2119, 2004
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