Margot Guerra Sommer
Margot Guerra Sommer
Professor of Geoscience Institute Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
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The burning of Gondwana: Permian fires on the southern continent—a palaeobotanical approach
A Jasper, M Guerra-Sommer, AMBA Hamad, M Bamford, ...
Gondwana Research 24 (1), 148-160, 2013
Radiometric age determination of tonsteins and stratigraphic constraints for the Lower Permian coal succession in southern Paraná Basin, Brazil
M Guerra-Sommer, M Cazzulo-Klepzig, JOS Santos, LA Hartmann, ...
International Journal of Coal Geology 74 (1), 13-27, 2008
Which name (s) should be used for Araucaria‐like fossil wood?—Results of a poll
R Rößler, M Philippe, JHA van Konijnenburg-van Cittert, S McLoughlin, ...
Taxon 63 (1), 177-184, 2014
U–Pb dating of tonstein layers from a coal succession of the southern Paraná Basin (Brazil): a new geochronological approach
M Guerra-Sommer, M Cazzulo-Klepzig, MLL Formoso, R Menegat, ...
Gondwana Research 14 (3), 474-482, 2008
Geochronological data from the Faxinal coal succession, southern Paraná Basin, Brazil: a preliminary approach combining radiometric U-Pb dating and palynostratigraphy
M Guerra-Sommer, M Cazzulo-Klepzig, R Menegat, MLL Formoso, ...
Journal of South American Earth Sciences 25 (2), 246-256, 2008
Palaeobotanical evidence of wildfires in the late palaeozoic of South America–early permian, rio bonito formation, Paraná basin, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
A Jasper, D Uhl, M Guerra-Sommer, V Mosbrugger
Journal of South American Earth Sciences 26 (4), 435-444, 2008
Depositional cyclicity and paleoecological variability in an outcrop of Rio Bonito formation, Early Permian, Paraná Basin, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
A Jasper, R Menegat, M Guerra-Sommer, M Cazzulo-Klepzig, ...
Journal of South American Earth Sciences 21 (3), 276-293, 2006
Biostratigraphy of the southern Brazilian neopaleozoic Gondwana sequence: a preliminary palaeobotanical approach
M Guerra-Sommer, M Cazzulo-Klepzig
International Congrès de la Stratigraphie et Géologie du Carbonifère et …, 1993
Upper Paleozoic charcoal remains from South America: multiple evidences of fire events in the coal bearing strata of the Paraná Basin, Brazil
A Jasper, D Uhl, M Guerra-Sommer, MEC Bernardes-de-Oliveira, ...
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 306 (3-4), 205-218, 2011
Geochronological correlation of the main coal interval in Brazilian Lower Permian: Radiometric dating of tonstein and calibration of biostratigraphic framework
MW Simas, M Guerra-Sommer, M Cazzulo-Klepzig, R Menegat, ...
Journal of South American Earth Sciences 39, 1-15, 2012
Original biomass and coal deposition in southern Brazil (Lower Permian, Paraná Basin)
M Guerra-Sommer, M Marques-Toigo, Z Corrêa da Silva
Bulletin de la Societe Geologique de France;(France) 162 (2), 1991
Palynology and palaeobotany in the reconstruction of landscape units from the Candiota Coalfield, Permian of Paraná Basin, Brazil
M Cazzulo-Klepzig, R Menegat, M Guerra-Sommer
Revista Brasileira de Paleontologia 8 (1), 83-98, 2005
Charcoalified logs as evidence of hypautochthonous/autochthonous wildfire events in a peat-forming environment from the Permian of southern Paraná Basin (Brazil)
I Degani-Schmidt, M Guerra-Sommer, J de Oliveira Mendonça, ...
International Journal of Coal Geology 146, 55-67, 2015
Extending the database of permian palaeo-wildfire on Gondwana: charcoal remains from the Rio do Rasto Formation (Paraná Basin), middle permian, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil
J Manfroi, D Uhl, M Guerra-Sommer, H Francischini, AG Martinelli, ...
Palaeogeography, palaeoclimatology, palaeoecology 436, 77-84, 2015
Late Triassic climate in southernmost Parana Basin (Brazil): evidence from dendrochronological data
EF Pires, MG Sommer, CM dos Santos Scherer
Journal of South American Earth Sciences 18 (2), 213-221, 2005
Palaeobotanical evidence of wildfires in the Upper Permian of India: macroscopic charcoal remains from the Raniganj Formation, Damodar Valley Basin
A Jasper, M Guerra-Sommer, D Uhl, MEC Bernardes-de-Oliveira, ...
The Palaeobotanist 61 (1), 75-82, 2012
Early Cretaceous coniferous woods from a paleoerg (Paraná Basin, Brazil)
EF Pires, M Guerra-Sommer, CM dos Santos Scherer, AR dos Santos, ...
Journal of South American Earth Sciences 32 (1), 96-109, 2011
Paleoecological patterns at the coal-roof shale transition in an outcrop of the Permian Brazilian Gondwana
M Guerra-Sommer, M Cazzulo-Klepzig, A Jasper, W Kalkreuth, ...
Revista Brasileira de Paleontologia 11 (1), 11-26, 2008
The Botrychiopsis genus and its biostratigraphic implications in Southern Paraná Basin
A Jasper, M Guerra-Sommer, M Cazzulo-Klepzig, R Menegat
Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências 75, 513-535, 2003
Afloramentos da área de Trombudo Central, Permiano Inferior, Santa Catarina: palinologia, icnologia e sedimentologia
M Marques-Toigo, ME Dias-Fabrício, M Guerra-Sommer, ...
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