Joel E. Schmidt
Joel E. Schmidt
Research Engineer, Chevron Energy Technology Company
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Synthesis of a specified, silica molecular sieve by using computationally predicted organic structure‐directing agents
JE Schmidt, MW Deem, ME Davis
Angewandte Chemie 126 (32), 8512-8514, 2014
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Disentangling Reaction Processes of Zeolites within Single‐Oriented Channels
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Synthesis of RTH-type zeolites using a diverse library of imidazolium cations
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CIT-7, a crystalline, molecular sieve with pores bounded by 8 and 10-membered rings
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Deactivation of Cu‐Exchanged Automotive‐Emission NH3‐SCR Catalysts Elucidated with Nanoscale Resolution Using Scanning Transmission X‐ray Microscopy
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High-silica, heulandite-type zeolites prepared by direct synthesis and topotactic condensation
JE Schmidt, D Xie, ME Davis
Journal of Materials Chemistry A: Materials for energy and sustainability, 2015
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