Yi-Hsien Lee
Yi-Hsien Lee
Professor of Materials Science, National Tsing Hua University (清華材料)
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Synthesis of Large-Area MoS2 Atomic Layers with Chemical Vapor Deposition
YH Lee, XQ Zhang, W Zhang, MT Chang, CT Lin, KD Chang, YC Yu, ...
Advanced Materials 24 (17), 2320-2325, 2012
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X Liu, T Galfsky, Z Sun, F Xia, E Lin, YH Lee, S Kéna-Cohen, VM Menon
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X Ling, YH Lee*, Y Lin, W Fang, L Yu, MS Dresselhaus, J Kong*
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Synthesis and Transfer of Single Layer Transition Metal Disulfides on Diverse Surfaces
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Y Lin, X Ling, L Yu, S Huang, AL Hsu, YH Lee, J Kong, MS Dresselhaus, ...
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Graphene/MoS2 Hybrid Technology for Large-Scale Two-Dimensional Electronics
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YH Lee*, JM Wu, CH Lai
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