Daniel A. Macedo
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1D hollow MFe2O4 (M= Cu, Co, Ni) fibers by Solution Blow Spinning for oxygen evolution reaction
VD Silva, LS Ferreira, TA Simões, ES Medeiros, DA Macedo
Journal of colloid and Interface Science 540, 59-65, 2019
Structure, densification and electrical properties of Gd3+ and Cu2+ co-doped ceria solid electrolytes for SOFC applications: Effects of Gd2O3 content
TH Santos, JPF Grilo, FJA Loureiro, DP Fagg, FC Fonseca, DA Macedo
Ceramics International 44 (3), 2745-2751, 2018
Impact of the NiO nanostructure morphology on the oxygen evolution reaction catalysis
VD Silva, TA Simões, JPF Grilo, ES Medeiros, DA Macedo
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Preparation of mullite based ceramics from clay–kaolin waste mixtures
HPA Alves, JB Silva, LFA Campos, SM Torres, RPS Dutra, DA Macedo
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Synthesis and properties of CuO-doped Ce0. 9Gd0. 1O2− δ electrolytes for SOFCs
CGM Lima, TH Santos, JPF Grilo, RPS Dutra, RM Nascimento, S Rajesh, ...
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NiO–CGO in situ nanocomposite attainment: One step synthesis
B Cela, DA De Macedo, GL De Souza, AE Martinelli, RM do Nascimento, ...
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Cathodic polarisation of composite LSCF-SDC IT-SOFC electrode synthesised by one-step microwave self-assisted combustion
FJA Loureiro, DA Macedo, RM Nascimento, MR Cesario, JPF Grilo, ...
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 39 (5), 1846-1853, 2019
Structure, magnetic behavior and OER activity of CoFe2O4 powders obtained using agar-agar from red seaweed (Rhodophyta)
LS Ferreira, TR Silva, JRD Santos, VD Silva, RA Raimundo, MA Morales, ...
Materials Chemistry and Physics 237, 121847, 2019
Metal-organic frameworks as template for synthesis of Mn3+/Mn4+ mixed valence manganese cobaltites electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution reaction
AA Lourenço, VD Silva, RB Da Silva, UC Silva, C Chesman, C Salvador, ...
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 582, 124-136, 2021
Solution blow spun nickel oxide/carbon nanocomposite hollow fibres as an efficient oxygen evolution reaction electrocatalyst
VD Silva, TA Simoes, FJA Loureiro, DP Fagg, FML Figueiredo, ...
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 44 (29), 14877-14888, 2019
Proteic sol-gel synthesis, structure and battery-type behavior of Fe-based spinels (MFe2O4, M= Cu, Co, Ni)
LS Ferreira, TR Silva, VD Silva, TA Simões, AJM Araújo, MA Morales, ...
Advanced Powder Technology 31 (2), 604-613, 2020
α-Fe2O3 fibers: An efficient photocatalyst for dye degradation under visible light
RN Araujo, EP Nascimento, HCT Firmino, DA Macedo, GA Neves, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 882, 160683, 2021
Multifunctional solution blow spun NiFe–NiFe2O4 composite nanofibers: structure, magnetic properties and OER activity
RA Raimundo, VD Silva, ES Medeiros, DA Macedo, TA Simões, ...
Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 139, 109325, 2020
Proteic sol-gel synthesis, structure and magnetic properties of Ni/NiO core-shell powders
RM Silva, RA Raimundo, WV Fernandes, SM Torres, VD Silva, JPF Grilo, ...
Ceramics International 44 (6), 6152-6156, 2018
Citrate–hydrothermal synthesis, structure and electrochemical performance of La0. 6Sr0. 4Co0. 2Fe0. 8O3− δ cathodes for IT-SOFCs
LMP Garcia, DA Macedo, GL Souza, FV Motta, CA Paskocimas, ...
Ceramics International 39 (7), 8385-8392, 2013
Microstructural influence of sigma phase on pitting corrosion behavior of duplex stainless steel/NaCl electrolyte couple
DDS Silva, TA Simões, DA Macedo, AHS Bueno, SM Torres, RM Gomes
Materials Chemistry and Physics 259, 124056, 2021
Understanding the cathodic polarisation behaviour of the misfit [Ca2CoO3− δ] q [CoO2](C349) as oxygen electrode for IT-SOFC
JRD Santos, FJA Loureiro, JPF Grilo, VD Silva, TA Simoes, DP Fagg, ...
Electrochimica Acta 285, 214-220, 2018
Facile synthesis of hollow F‐doped SnO2 nanofibers and their efficiency in ethanol sensing
EP Nascimento, HCT Firmino, AMC Santos, HB Sales, VD Silva, ...
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 104 (3), 1297-1308, 2021
Ni–CGO cermet anodes from nanocomposite powders: Microstructural and electrochemical assessment
DA Macedo, FML Figueiredo, CA Paskocimas, AE Martinelli, ...
Ceramics International 40 (8), 13105-13113, 2014
Spinel ferrite MFe2O4 (M= Ni, Co, or Cu) nanoparticles prepared by a proteic sol-gel route for oxygen evolution reaction
LS Ferreira, TR Silva, VD Silva, RA Raimundo, TA Simões, FJA Loureiro, ...
Advanced Powder Technology 33 (1), 103391, 2022
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