Tilmann Hickel
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First-principles calculations for point defects in solids
C Freysoldt, B Grabowski, T Hickel, J Neugebauer, G Kresse, A Janotti, ...
Reviews of modern physics 86 (1), 253, 2014
A map for phase-change materials
D Lencer, M Salinga, B Grabowski, T Hickel, J Neugebauer, M Wuttig
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Revealing the strain-hardening behavior of twinning-induced plasticity steels: Theory, simulations, experiments
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Ab initio study of the thermodynamic properties of nonmagnetic elementary fcc metals: Exchange-correlation-related error bars and chemical trends
B Grabowski, T Hickel, J Neugebauer
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First-principles study on the interaction of H interstitials with grain boundaries in - and -Fe
YA Du, L Ismer, J Rogal, T Hickel, J Neugebauer, R Drautz
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Breakdown of the Arrhenius Law in Describing Vacancy Formation Energies: The Importance of Local Anharmonicity Revealed by Ab initio Thermodynamics
A Glensk, B Grabowski, T Hickel, J Neugebauer
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Strengthening and strain hardening mechanisms in a precipitation-hardened high-Mn lightweight steel
MJ Yao, E Welsch, D Ponge, SMH Haghighat, S Sandlöbes, P Choi, ...
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Understanding the Phase Transitions of the Magnetic Shape Memory System from First Principles
MA Uijttewaal, T Hickel, J Neugebauer, ME Gruner, P Entel
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Density functional theory in materials science
J Neugebauer, T Hickel
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Atomic forces at finite magnetic temperatures: Phonons in paramagnetic iron
F Körmann, A Dick, B Grabowski, T Hickel, J Neugebauer
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First-principles study of the thermodynamics of hydrogen-vacancy interaction in fcc iron
R Nazarov, T Hickel, J Neugebauer
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Hydrogen trapping and embrittlement in high-strength Al alloys
H Zhao, P Chakraborty, D Ponge, T Hickel, B Sun, CH Wu, B Gault, ...
Nature 602 (7897), 437-441, 2022
First-principles investigation of hydrogen interaction with TiC precipitates in -Fe
D Di Stefano, R Nazarov, T Hickel, J Neugebauer, M Mrovec, C Elsässer
Physical Review B 93 (18), 184108, 2016
Understanding Anharmonicity in fcc Materials: From its Origin to ab initio Strategies beyond the Quasiharmonic Approximation
A Glensk, B Grabowski, T Hickel, J Neugebauer
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First-principles investigation of the effect of carbon on the stacking fault energy of Fe–C alloys
A Abbasi, A Dick, T Hickel, J Neugebauer
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Advancing density functional theory to finite temperatures: methods and applications in steel design
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F Körmann, B Grabowski, B Dutta, T Hickel, L Mauger, B Fultz, ...
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Ab initio study of H-vacancy interactions in fcc metals: Implications for the formation of superabundant vacancies
R Nazarov, T Hickel, J Neugebauer
Physical Review B 89 (14), 144108, 2014
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