Alice Galdi
Alice Galdi
Cornell Laboratory for Accelerator Based Sciences and Education - CLASSE
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Evolution of magnetic phases and orbital occupation in superlattices
C Aruta, C Adamo, A Galdi, P Orgiani, V Bisogni, NB Brookes, JC Cezar, ...
Physical Review B 80 (14), 140405, 2009
Experimental technique for reducing contact and background noise in voltage spectral density measurements
C Barone, A Galdi, S Pagano, O Quaranta, L Méchin, JM Routoure, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 78 (9), 093905, 2007
Evidence of direct correlation between out-of-plane lattice parameter and metal-insulator transition temperature in oxygen-depleted manganite thin films
P Orgiani, AY Petrov, R Ciancio, A Galdi, L Maritato, BA Davidson
Applied Physics Letters 100 (4), 042404, 2012
Low-temperature resistivity of La 0.7 Sr 0.3 Mn O 3 ultra thin films: Role of quantum interference effects
L Maritato, C Adamo, C Barone, GM De Luca, A Galdi, P Orgiani, ...
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Enhanced transport properties in thin films epitaxially grown on substrates: The profound impact of the oxygen content
P Orgiani, C Aruta, R Ciancio, A Galdi, L Maritato
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Physical properties of complex oxide thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition technique
P Orgiani, R Ciancio, A Galdi, S Amoruso, L Maritato
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Magnetotransport properties of epitaxial strain-less thin films
P Orgiani, A Guarino, C Aruta, C Adamo, A Galdi, AY Petrov, R Savo, ...
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Structural and electronic properties of Bi2Se3 topological insulator thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition
P Orgiani, C Bigi, P Kumar Das, J Fujii, R Ciancio, B Gobaut, A Galdi, ...
Applied Physics Letters 110 (17), 171601, 2017
Multiple double-exchange mechanism by Mn 2+ doping in manganite compounds
P Orgiani, A Galdi, C Aruta, V Cataudella, G De Filippis, CA Perroni, ...
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Epitaxial growth of thin films on MgO substrates: Structural, magnetic, and transport properties
P Orgiani, C Adamo, C Barone, A Galdi, S Pagano, AY Petrov, ...
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Universal origin of unconventional 1/f noise in the weak-localization regime
C Barone, F Romeo, A Galdi, P Orgiani, L Maritato, A Guarino, A Nigro, ...
Physical Review B 87 (24), 245113, 2013
Nonequilibrium fluctuations as a distinctive feature of weak localization
C Barone, F Romeo, S Pagano, C Attanasio, G Carapella, C Cirillo, ...
Scientific reports 5, 10705, 2015
Unusual dependence of resistance and voltage noise on current in La 1− x Sr x Mn O 3 ultrathin films
C Barone, C Adamo, A Galdi, P Orgiani, AY Petrov, O Quaranta, ...
Physical Review B 75 (17), 174431, 2007
Evidence of electronic band redistribution in La 0.65 Sr 0.35 MnO 3− δ by hard x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
C Schlueter, P Orgiani, TL Lee, AY Petrov, A Galdi, BA Davidson, ...
Physical Review B 86 (15), 155102, 2012
Electronic band redistribution probed by oxygen absorption spectra of (SrMnO)(LaMnO) superlattices
A Galdi, C Aruta, P Orgiani, C Adamo, V Bisogni, NB Brookes, ...
Physical Review B 85 (12), 125129, 2012
Influence of a single disorder parameter on the conduction mechanisms in manganite thin films
P Orgiani, C Adamo, C Barone, A Galdi, AY Petrov, DG Schlom, L Maritato
Physical Review B 76 (1), 012404, 2007
Layer-by-layer shuttered molecular-beam epitaxial growth of superconducting Sr1–xLaxCuO2 thin films
L Maritato, A Galdi, P Orgiani, JW Harter, J Schubert, KM Shen, ...
Journal of applied physics 113 (5), 053911, 2013
Magnetic properties and orbital anisotropy driven by Mn 2+ in nonstoichiometric La x MnO 3− δ thin films
A Galdi, C Aruta, P Orgiani, NB Brookes, G Ghiringhelli, MM Sala, ...
Physical Review B 83 (6), 064418, 2011
In-plane anisotropy in the magnetic and transport properties of manganite ultrathin films
P Orgiani, AY Petrov, C Adamo, C Aruta, C Barone, GM De Luca, A Galdi, ...
Physical Review B 74 (13), 134419, 2006
dc transport properties and resistance fluctuation processes in Sr 2 Fe Mo O 6 polycrystalline thin films
B Savo, C Barone, A Galdi, A Di Trolio
Physical Review B 73 (9), 094447, 2006
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