Mingsheng Long (龙明生)
Mingsheng Long (龙明生)
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Progress, challenges, and opportunities for 2D material based photodetectors
M Long, P Wang, H Fang, W Hu
Advanced Functional Materials 29 (19), 1803807, 2019
Room temperature high-detectivity mid-infrared photodetectors based on black arsenic phosphorus
M Long, A Gao, P Wang, H Xia, C Ott, C Pan, Y Fu, E Liu, X Chen, W Lu, ...
Science advances 3 (6), e1700589, 2017
Broadband photovoltaic detectors based on an atomically thin heterostructure
M Long, E Liu, P Wang, A Gao, H Xia, W Luo, B Wang, J Zeng, Y Fu, K Xu, ...
Nano letters 16 (4), 2254-2259, 2016
High Responsivity Phototransistors Based on Few‐Layer ReS2 for Weak Signal Detection
E Liu, M Long, J Zeng, W Luo, Y Wang, Y Pan, W Zhou, B Wang, W Hu, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 26 (12), 1938-1944, 2016
Palladium diselenide long-wavelength infrared photodetector with high sensitivity and stability
M Long, Y Wang, P Wang, X Zhou, H Xia, C Luo, S Huang, G Zhang, ...
Acs Nano 13 (2), 2511-2519, 2019
Air-Stable In-Plane Anisotropic GeSe2 for Highly Polarization-Sensitive Photodetection in Short Wave Region
Y Yang, SC Liu, W Yang, Z Li, Y Wang, X Wang, S Zhang, Y Zhang, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (11), 4150-4156, 2018
High-density three-dimension graphene macroscopic objects for high-capacity removal of heavy metal ions
W Li, S Gao, L Wu, S Qiu, Y Guo, X Geng, M Chen, S Liao, C Zhu, Y Gong, ...
Scientific reports 3 (1), 2125, 2013
Perpendicular optical reversal of the linear dichroism and polarized photodetection in 2D GeAs
Z Zhou, M Long, L Pan, X Wang, M Zhong, M Blei, J Wang, J Fang, ...
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Graphene hybrid structures for integrated and flexible optoelectronics
X Chen, K Shehzad, L Gao, M Long, H Guo, S Qin, X Wang, F Wang, ...
Advanced Materials 32 (27), 1902039, 2020
Ultrafast and sensitive self-powered photodetector featuring self-limited depletion region and fully depleted channel with van der Waals contacts
M Dai, H Chen, F Wang, M Long, H Shang, Y Hu, W Li, C Ge, J Zhang, ...
ACS nano 14 (7), 9098-9106, 2020
AsP/InSe van der Waals tunneling heterojunctions with ultrahigh reverse rectification ratio and high photosensitivity
F Wu, H Xia, H Sun, J Zhang, F Gong, Z Wang, L Chen, P Wang, M Long, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 29 (12), 1900314, 2019
Negative photoconductance in van der Waals heterostructure-based floating gate phototransistor
Y Wang, E Liu, A Gao, T Cao, M Long, C Pan, L Zhang, J Zeng, C Wang, ...
ACS nano 12 (9), 9513-9520, 2018
Layer‐controlled and wafer‐scale synthesis of uniform and high‐quality graphene films on a polycrystalline nickel catalyst
Y Gong, X Zhang, G Liu, L Wu, X Geng, M Long, X Cao, Y Guo, W Li, J Xu, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 22 (15), 3153-3159, 2012
Interlayer catalytic exfoliation realizing scalable production of large-size pristine few-layer graphene
X Geng, Y Guo, D Li, W Li, C Zhu, X Wei, M Chen, S Gao, S Qiu, Y Gong, ...
Scientific reports 3 (1), 1134, 2013
High-Performance Near-Infrared Photodetectors Based on p-Type SnX (X = S, Se) Nanowires Grown via Chemical Vapor Deposition
D Zheng, H Fang, M Long, F Wu, P Wang, F Gong, X Wu, JC Ho, L Liao, ...
ACS nano 12 (7), 7239-7245, 2018
Air‐stable low‐symmetry narrow‐bandgap 2D sulfide niobium for polarization photodetection
Y Wang, P Wu, Z Wang, M Luo, F Zhong, X Ge, K Zhang, M Peng, Y Ye, ...
Advanced Materials 32 (45), 2005037, 2020
In‐plane optical anisotropy of low‐symmetry 2D GeSe
Y Yang, SC Liu, Y Wang, M Long, CM Dai, S Chen, B Zhang, Z Sun, ...
Advanced Optical Materials 7 (4), 1801311, 2019
Fully depleted self‐aligned heterosandwiched van der Waals photodetectors
F Wang, Z Liu, T Zhang, M Long, X Wang, R Xie, H Ge, H Wang, J Hou, ...
Advanced Materials 34 (39), 2203283, 2022
Gate-tunable rectification inversion and photovoltaic detection in graphene/WSe2 heterostructures
A Gao, E Liu, M Long, W Zhou, Y Wang, T Xia, W Hu, B Wang, F Miao
Applied Physics Letters 108 (22), 2016
Room-temperature single-photon detector based on single nanowire
W Luo, Q Weng, M Long, P Wang, F Gong, H Fang, M Luo, W Wang, ...
Nano letters 18 (9), 5439-5445, 2018
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