Flavio Makoto Shimizu
Flavio Makoto Shimizu
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Yolk-shelled ZnCo2O4 microspheres: Surface properties and gas sensing application
N Joshi, LF da Silva, HS Jadhav, FM Shimizu, PH Suman, JC M’Peko, ...
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Screen-printed interdigitated electrodes modified with nanostructured carbon nano-onion films for detecting the cancer biomarker CA19-9
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Information visualization and feature selection methods applied to detect gliadin in Gluten-Containing foodstuff with a microfluidic electronic tongue
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Genosensor made with a self-assembled monolayer matrix to detect MGMT gene methylation in head and neck cancer cell lines
O Carr, PA Raymundo-Pereira, FM Shimizu, BP Sorroche, ME Melendez, ...
Talanta 210, 120609, 2020
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