Alex Zunger
Alex Zunger
University of Colorado ,Boulder,Colorado.Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute
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Self-interaction correction to density-functional approximations for many-electron systems
JP Perdew, A Zunger
Physical Review B 23 (10), 5048, 1981
Intrinsic n-type versus p-type doping asymmetry and the defect physics of ZnO
SB Zhang, SH Wei, A Zunger
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Special quasirandom structures
A Zunger, SH Wei, LG Ferreira, JE Bernard
Physical Review Letters 65 (3), 353, 1990
Momentum-space formalism for the total energy of solids
J Ihm, A Zunger, ML Cohen
Journal of Physics C: Solid State Physics 12 (21), 4409, 1979
Defect physics of the chalcopyrite semiconductor
SB Zhang, SH Wei, A Zunger, H Katayama-Yoshida
Physical Review B 57 (16), 9642, 1998
Dopability, intrinsic conductivity, and nonstoichiometry of transparent conducting oxides
S Lany, A Zunger
Physical Review Letters 98 (4), 045501, 2007
Zinc-blende–wurtzite polytypism in semiconductors
CY Yeh, ZW Lu, S Froyen, A Zunger
Physical Review B 46 (16), 10086, 1992
Theory of the band-gap anomaly in chalcopyrite semiconductors
JE Jaffe, A Zunger
Physical Review B 29 (4), 1882, 1984
Assessment of correction methods for the band-gap problem and for finite-size effects in supercell defect calculations: Case studies for ZnO and GaAs
S Lany, A Zunger
Physical Review B 78 (23), 235104, 2008
Origins of Coexistence of Conductivity and Transparency in
Ç Kılıç, A Zunger
Physical Review Letters 88 (9), 095501, 2002
Calculated natural band offsets of all II–VI and III–V semiconductors: Chemical trends and the role of cation d orbitals
SH Wei, A Zunger
Applied Physics Letters 72 (16), 2011-2013, 1998
Electronic properties of random alloys: Special quasirandom structures
SH Wei, LG Ferreira, JE Bernard, A Zunger
Physical Review B 42 (15), 9622, 1990
Role of metal d states in II-VI semiconductors
SH Wei, A Zunger
Physical Review B 37 (15), 8958, 1988
Giant and composition-dependent optical bowing coefficient in GaAsN alloys
SH Wei, A Zunger
Physical review letters 76 (4), 664, 1996
Electronic structure of the ternary chalcopyrite semiconductors CuAl, CuGa, CuIn, CuAl, CuGa, and CuIn
JE Jaffe, A Zunger
Physical Review B 28 (10), 5822, 1983
Predicted band-gap pressure coefficients of all diamond and zinc-blende semiconductors: Chemical trends
SH Wei, A Zunger
Physical Review B 60 (8), 5404, 1999
Effects of Ga addition to on its electronic, structural, and defect properties
SH Wei, SB Zhang, A Zunger
Applied physics letters 72 (24), 3199-3201, 1998
Anion vacancies as a source of persistent photoconductivity in II-VI and chalcopyrite semiconductors
S Lany, A Zunger
Physical Review B 72 (3), 035215, 2005
Solving Schrödinger’s equation around a desired energy: application to silicon quantum dots
LW Wang, A Zunger
The Journal of Chemical Physics 100 (3), 2394-2397, 1994
Comparison of two methods for describing the strain profiles in quantum dots
C Pryor, J Kim, LW Wang, AJ Williamson, A Zunger
Journal of Applied Physics 83 (5), 2548-2554, 1998
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