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Switching between Proper and Hybrid-Improper Polar Structures via Cation Substitution in A2La(TaTi)O7 (A = Li, Na)
S Mallick, AD Fortes, W Zhang, PS Halasyamani, MA Hayward
Chemistry of Materials 33 (7), 2666-2672, 2021
Polar Structures of KNdNb2O7 and KNdTa2O7
S Mallick, AS Gibbs, W Zhang, PS Halasyamani, NA Benedek, ...
Chemistry of Materials 32 (18), 7965-7972, 2020
Atomic Ordering of Two Neighboring Transition Metals—Cu and Zn from Binary CuZn to Ternary Cu3ZnSb
S Misra, B Koley, S Chatterjee, S Mallick, PP Jana
Inorganic Chemistry 57 (19), 11970-11977, 2018
A Vacancy-Driven Intermetallic Phase: Rh3Cd5−δ (δ ∼ 0.56)
B Koley, N Roy, Harshit, S Mallick, A Simonov, PP Jana
Inorganic Chemistry 60 (8), 5488-5496, 2021
Chemical substitution of Zn in the structure of ordered Cu6Zn2Sb2: A structural and theoretical study
S Misra, S Mallick, B Koley, F Wang, S Chatterjee, PP Jana
Solid State Sciences 107, 106333, 2020
The influence of the 6s 2 configuration of Bi 3+ on the structures of A′ BiNb 2 O 7 (A′= Rb, Na, Li) layered perovskite oxides
S Mallick, G Khalsa, JZ Kaaret, W Zhang, M Batuk, AS Gibbs, ...
Dalton Transactions 50 (42), 15359-15369, 2021
The crystal and defect structures of polar KBiNb 2 O 7
S Mallick, W Zhang, M Batuk, AS Gibbs, J Hadermann, PS Halasyamani, ...
Dalton Transactions 51 (5), 1866-1873, 2022
Modifying Li-Rich Cathodes and Investigation into Fully Earth-Abundant Cathode Materials
S Mallick, CY Kwok, C Pollock, M Dixit, A Gutierrez, M Balasubramanian, ...
245th ECS Meeting (May 26-30, 2024), 2024
(Invited) Earth-Abundant Cathode Active Materials: Research and Development on Mn-Rich Oxides
JR Croy, A Gutierrez, J Chen, S Mallick, CY Kwok, M Balasubramanian, ...
Electrochemical Society Meeting Abstracts 244, 25-25, 2023
Redox Mechanisms and Migration Tendencies in Earth-Abundant 0.7Li2MnO3·0.3LiFeO2 Cathodes: Coupling Spin-Resolved X-ray Absorption Near Edge and X …
CY Kwok, S Mallick, CJ Pollock, A Gutierrez, M Dixit, JR Croy, ...
Chemistry of Materials 36 (1), 300-312, 2023
MnCaTa2O7─A Magnetically Ordered Polar Phase Prepared via Cation Exchange
S Mallick, F Orlandi, P Manuel, W Zhang, PS Halasyamani, MA Hayward
Chemistry of Materials 35 (18), 7839-7846, 2023
Cation exchange chemistry as a route to induce noncentrosymmetry in layered perovskite oxides
S Mallick
University of Oxford, 2022
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