Gustavo Macedo Paula-Santos
Gustavo Macedo Paula-Santos
Faculty of Geosciences and Center for Marine Environmental Sciences, University of Bremen
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New evidence of an Ediacaran age for the Bambuí Group in southern São Francisco craton (eastern Brazil) from zircon U–Pb data and isotope chemostratigraphy
GM Paula-Santos, M Babinski, M Kuchenbecker, S Caetano-Filho, ...
Gondwana Research 28 (2), 702-720, 2015
Tracking connection and restriction of West Gondwana São Francisco Basin through isotope chemostratigraphy
GM Paula-Santos, S Caetano-Filho, M Babinski, RIF Trindade, ...
Gondwana Research 42, 280-305, 2017
Rare earth elements of carbonate rocks from the Bambuí Group, southern São Francisco Basin, Brazil, and their significance as paleoenvironmental proxies
GM de Paula-Santos, S Caetano-Filho, M Babinski, J Enzweiler
Precambrian Research 305, 327-340, 2018
A large epeiric methanogenic Bambuí sea in the core of Gondwana supercontinent?
S Caetano-Filho, P Sansjofre, M Ader, GM Paula-Santos, C Guacaneme, ...
Geoscience Frontiers 12 (1), 203-218, 2021
Sequence stratigraphy and chemostratigraphy of an Ediacaran-Cambrian foreland-related carbonate ramp (Bambuí Group, Brazil)
S Caetano-Filho, GM Paula-Santos, C Guacaneme, M Babinski, ...
Precambrian Research 331, 105365, 2019
Carbonate REE+ Y signatures from the restricted early marine phase of South Atlantic Ocean (late Aptian–Albian): The influence of early anoxic diagenesis on shale-normalized …
S Caetano-Filho, GM Paula-Santos, D Dias-Brito
Palaeogeography, palaeoclimatology, palaeoecology 500, 69-83, 2018
C, O, and Sr isotopic variations in neoproterozoic-cambrian carbonate rocks from Sete Lagoas Formation (Bambuí group), in the southern Sao Francisco basin, Brazil
C Guacaneme, M Babinski, GM Paula-Santos, AC Pedrosa-Soares
Brazilian Journal of Geology 47, 521-543, 2017
Rare earth elements in the terminal Ediacaran Bambuí Group carbonate rocks (Brazil): evidence for high seawater alkalinity during rise of early animals
GM Paula-Santos, S Caetano-Filho, J Enzweiler, MS Navarro, M Babinski, ...
Precambrian Research 336, 105506, 2020
Investigating δ13C values in stalagmites from tropical South America for the last two millennia
VF Novello, FW da Cruz, M Vuille, JLPS Campos, NM Stríkis, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 255, 106822, 2021
Sedimentary provenance in the southern sector of the São Francisco Basin, SE Brazil
GM Paula-Santos, M Babinski
Brazilian Journal of Geology 48, 51-74, 2018
Growing at the limit: Reef growth sensitivity to climate and oceanographic changes in the South Western Atlantic
GH Pereira-Filho, VR Mendes, CT Perry, GI Shintate, WC Niz, ...
Global and Planetary Change 201, 103479, 2021
Tectonically-induced strontium isotope changes in ancient restricted seas: The case of the Ediacaran-Cambrian Bambui foreland basin system, east Brazil
C Guacaneme, M Babinski, C Bedoya-Rueda, GM Paula-Santos, ...
Gondwana Research 93, 275-290, 2021
Quimioestratigrafia isotópica (C, O, Sr, Li, Mg) e proveniência sedimentar (U-Pb, Hf, Sm-Nd) do grupo Bambuí no sul da bacia do São Francisco
GM Paula-Santos
Universidade de São Paulo, 2017
Lithium Isotopic Ratios by Single‐Collector ICP‐SFMS: A Critical Evaluation Using Reference Materials
MS Navarro, GM Paula‐Santos, TP Marteleto, J Enzweiler
Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research 45 (4), 701-718, 2021
Carbon isotope variations of high magnitude recorded in carbonate rocks from the Stenian-Tonian Lajeado Group, Southeast Brazil
GM Paula-Santos, GA da Cruz Campanha, FM Faleiros, MHBM Hollanda, ...
Journal of South American Earth Sciences 109, 103268, 2021
The isotopic record of the Bambui Group, Brazil: Sturtian, Marinoan, and/or Early Paleozoic?
M Babinski, GM Paula-Santos, M Kuchenbecker, S Caetano-Filho, ...
AGU Spring Meeting Abstracts 2013, PP51A-01, 2013
Abordagem quimoestratigráfica (C, O) e geocronológica da Formação Sete Lagoas na região de Vespasiano, MG: uma unidade cambriana?
GM Paula-Santos, M Babinski, S Caetano Filho, M Kuchenbecker
Anais, 2012
Paleoenvironmental redox evolution of Ediacaran-Cambrian restricted seas in the core of West Gondwana: Insights from trace-metal geochemistry and stratigraphy of the Bambuí …
C Guacaneme, S Caetano-Filho, GM Paula-Santos, M Babinski, ...
Journal of South American Earth Sciences 119, 103998, 2022
Aplicação de isótopos estáveis de carbono no estudo das mudanças climáticas e ambientais
VF Novello, M de Carvalho Campos, CM Chiessi, GM de Paula-Santos, ...
Derbyana 42, 2021
The Nitrogen Cycle in an epeiric sea in the core of Gondwana Supercontinent: a study on the Ediacaran-Cambrian Bambuí Group, east-central Brazil
PL Fraga-Ferreira, M Ader, S Caetano-Filho, P Sansjofre, ...
Frontiers in Earth Science 9, 692895, 2021
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