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Growth of large area monolayer graphene on 3C-SiC and a comparison with other SiC polytypes
GR Yazdi, R Vasiliauskas, T Iakimov, A Zakharov, M Syväjärvi, ...
Carbon 57, 477-484, 2013
Polarization doping of graphene on silicon carbide
S Mammadov, J Ristein, RJ Koch, M Ostler, C Raidel, M Wanke, ...
2D Materials 1 (3), 035003, 2014
Microfluidic production of alginate hydrogel particles for antibody encapsulation and release
L Mazutis, R Vasiliauskas, DA Weitz
Macromolecular bioscience 15 (12), 1641-1646, 2015
Simple microfluidic approach to fabricate monodisperse hollow microparticles for multidrug delivery
R Vasiliauskas, D Liu, S Cito, H Zhang, MA Shahbazi, T Sikanen, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 7 (27), 14822-14832, 2015
Effect of initial substrate conditions on growth of cubic silicon carbide
R Vasiliauskas, M Marinova, M Syväjärvi, R Liljedahl, G Zoulis, J Lorenzzi, ...
Journal of crystal growth 324 (1), 7-14, 2011
Large-area microfocal spectroscopic ellipsometry mapping of thickness and electronic properties of epitaxial graphene on Si-and C-face of 3C-SiC (111)
V Darakchieva, A Boosalis, AA Zakharov, T Hofmann, M Schubert, ...
Applied Physics Letters 102 (21), 213116, 2013
Nucleation control of cubic silicon carbide on 6H-substrates
R Vasiliauskas, M Marinova, P Hens, P Wellmann, M Syväjärvi, ...
Crystal growth & design 12 (1), 197-204, 2012
Progress in 3C-SiC growth and novel applications
R Yakimova, R Vasiliauskas, J Eriksson, M Syväjärvi
Materials Science Forum 711, 3-10, 2012
Epitaxial growth of thin films
J Palisaitis, R Vasiliauskas
Physics of Advanced Materials Winter School, 1-16, 2008
Cubic SiC formation on the C-face of 6H–SiC (0 0 0 1) substrates
R Vasiliauskas, S Juillaguet, M Syväjärvi, R Yakimova
Journal of crystal growth 348 (1), 91-96, 2012
Sublimation growth and structural characterization of 3C-SiC on hexagonal and cubic SiC seeds
R Vasiliauskas, M Marinova, M Syväjärvi, A Mantzari, A Andreadou, ...
Materials Science Forum 645, 175-178, 2010
Two-dimensional nucleation of cubic and 6h silicon carbide
R Vasiliauskas, M Syväjärvi, M Beshkova, R Yakimova
Materials Science Forum 615, 189-192, 2009
A. Mant zari, A. Andreadou, J. Lorenzzi, G. Ferro, EK Poly chroniadis, and R. Yakimova
R Vasiliauskas, M Marinova, M Syväjärvi
Mater. Sci. Forum 645 (648), 175, 2010
Impact of extended defects on Hall and magnetoresistivity effects in cubic silicon carbide
R Vasiliauskas, A Mekys, P Malinovskis, S Juillaguet, M Syväjärvi, ...
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 45 (22), 225102, 2012
Influence of twin boundary orientation on magnetoresistivity effect in free standing 3C–SiC
R Vasiliauskas, A Mekys, P Malinovskis, M Syväjärvi, J Storasta, ...
Materials Letters 74, 203-205, 2012
Fabrication of free-standing AlN crystals by controlled microrod growth
GR Yazdi, R Vasiliauskas, M Syväjärvi, R Yakimova
Journal of crystal growth 310 (5), 935-939, 2008
Structural properties of 3C-SiC grown by sublimation epitaxy
M Beshkova, M Syväjärvi, R Vasiliauskas, J Birch, R Yakimova
Materials Science Forum 615, 181-184, 2009
Polytype transformation and structural characteristics of 3C-SiC on 6H-SiC substrates
R Vasiliauskas, M Marinova, M Syväjärvi, EK Polychroniadis, R Yakimova
Journal of crystal growth 395, 109-115, 2014
Thickness uniformity and electron doping in epitaxial graphene on SiC
J Eriksson, D Puglisi, R Vasiliauskas, A Lloyd Spetz, R Yakimova
Materials Science Forum 740, 153-156, 2013
Low temperature photoluminescence investigations of 3C-SiC quasi-substrates grown on hexagonal 6H-SiC seeds
G Zoulis, J Lorenzi, R Vasiliauskas, N Jegenyes, M Beshkova, ...
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