Simon Neill
Simon Neill
Reader, School of Ocean Sciences, Bangor University
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Second-generation environmental sequencing unmasks marine metazoan biodiversity
VG Fonseca, GR Carvalho, W Sung, HF Johnson, DM Power, SP Neill, ...
Nature communications 1, 98, 2010
The impact of tidal stream turbines on large-scale sediment dynamics
SP Neill, EJ Litt, SJ Couch, AG Davies
Renewable Energy 34 (12), 2803-2812, 2009
Impact of tidal energy converter (TEC) arrays on the dynamics of headland sand banks
SP Neill, JR Jordan, SJ Couch
Renewable Energy 37 (1), 387-397, 2012
Resource assessment for future generations of tidal-stream energy arrays
M Lewis, SP Neill, PE Robins, MR Hashemi
Energy 83, 403-415, 2015
Wave power variability over the northwest European shelf seas
SP Neill, MR Hashemi
Applied energy 106, 31-46, 2013
The role of tidal asymmetry in characterizing the tidal energy resource of Orkney
SP Neill, MR Hashemi, MJ Lewis
Renewable Energy 68, 337-350, 2014
Impact of climate change on UK estuaries: A review of past trends and potential projections
PE Robins, MW Skov, MJ Lewis, L Gimenez, AG Davies, SK Malham, ...
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 169, 119-135, 2016
Environmental metabarcoding reveals heterogeneous drivers of microbial eukaryote diversity in contrasting estuarine ecosystems
D Lallias, JG Hiddink, VG Fonseca, JM Gaspar, W Sung, SP Neill, ...
The ISME journal 9 (5), 1208, 2015
Impact of tidal-stream arrays in relation to the natural variability of sedimentary processes
PE Robins, SP Neill, MJ Lewis
Renewable Energy 72, 311-321, 2014
Metagenetic analysis of patterns of distribution and diversity of marine meiobenthic eukaryotes
VG Fonseca, GR Carvalho, B Nichols, C Quince, HF Johnson, SP Neill, ...
Global Ecology and Biogeography 23 (11), 1293-1302, 2014
Characterising the spatial and temporal variability of the tidal-stream energy resource over the northwest European shelf seas
PE Robins, SP Neill, MJ Lewis, SL Ward
Applied Energy 147, 510-522, 2015
Realistic wave conditions and their influence on quantifying the tidal stream energy resource
MJ Lewis, SP Neill, MR Hashemi, M Reza
Applied energy 136, 495-508, 2014
Physical and biological controls on larval dispersal and connectivity in a highly energetic shelf sea
PE Robins, SP Neill, L Giménez, SR Jenkins, SK Malham
Limnol. Oceanogr 58 (2), 000-000, 2013
Identification of genetically and oceanographically distinct blooms of jellyfish
PLM Lee, MN Dawson, SP Neill, PE Robins, JDR Houghton, TK Doyle, ...
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 10 (80), 20120920, 2013
Effect of waves on the tidal energy resource at a planned tidal stream array
MR Hashemi, SP Neill, PE Robins, AG Davies, MJ Lewis
Renewable Energy 75, 626-639, 2015
Evolution of bed shear stress distribution over the northwest European shelf seas during the last 12,000 years
SP Neill, JD Scourse, K Uehara
Ocean Dynamics 60 (5), 1139-1156, 2010
Inter-annual and inter-seasonal variability of the Orkney wave power resource
SP Neill, MJ Lewis, MR Hashemi, E Slater, J Lawrence, SA Spall
Applied energy 132, 339-348, 2014
Tidal energy leasing and tidal phasing
SP Neill, MR Hashemi, MJ Lewis
Renewable Energy 85, 580-587, 2016
Tidal and surge modelling using differential quadrature: A case study in the Bristol Channel
MR Hashemi, MJ Abedini, SP Neill, P Malekzadeh
Coastal Engineering 55 (10), 811-819, 2008
The wave and tidal resource of Scotland
SP Neill, A Vögler, AJ Goward-Brown, S Baston, MJ Lewis, PA Gillibrand, ...
Renewable energy 114, 3-17, 2017
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