Piotr Perlin
Piotr Perlin
Institute of High Pressure Physics
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Raman scattering and x-ray-absorption spectroscopy in gallium nitride under high pressure
P Perlin, C Jauberthie-Carillon, JP Itie, A San Miguel, I Grzegory, A Polian
Physical Review B 45 (1), 83, 1992
“Blue” temperature-induced shift and band-tail emission in InGaN-based light sources
PG Eliseev, P Perlin, J Lee, M Osiński
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Towards the identification of the dominant donor in GaN
P Perlin, T Suski, H Teisseyre, M Leszczynski, I Grzegory, J Jun, ...
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Large, nitrogen-induced increase of the electron effective mass in
C Skierbiszewski, P Perlin, P Wisniewski, W Knap, T Suski, ...
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Investigation of longitudinal‐optical phonon‐plasmon coupled modes in highly conducting bulk GaN
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Temperature dependence of the energy gap in GaN bulk single crystals and epitaxial layer
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Journal of applied physics 76 (4), 2429-2434, 1994
Low‐temperature study of current and electroluminescence in InGaN/AlGaN/GaN double‐heterostructure blue light‐emitting diodes
P Perlin, M Osiński, PG Eliseev, VA Smagley, J Mu, M Banas, P Sartori
Applied physics letters 69 (12), 1680-1682, 1996
Determination of the effective mass of GaN from infrared reflectivity and Hall effect
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Raman-scattering studies of aluminum nitride at high pressure
P Perlin, A Polian, T Suski
Physical Review B 47 (5), 2874, 1993
InGaN/GaN quantum wells studied by high pressure, variable temperature, and excitation power spectroscopy
P Perlin, C Kisielowski, V Iota, BA Weinstein, L Mattos, NA Shapiro, ...
Applied physics letters 73 (19), 2778-2780, 1998
Reduction of the energy gap pressure coefficient of GaN due to the constraining presence of the sapphire substrate
P Perlin, L Mattos, NA Shapiro, J Kruger, WS Wong, T Sands, NW Cheung, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 85 (4), 2385-2389, 1999
Influence of pressure on photoluminescence and electroluminescence in GaN/InGaN/AlGaN quantum wells
P Perlin, V Iota, BA Weinstein, P Wiśniewski, T Suski, PG Eliseev, ...
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Visible light communications using a directly modulated 422 nm GaN laser diode
S Watson, M Tan, SP Najda, P Perlin, M Leszczynski, G Targowski, ...
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Applied physics letters 88 (20), 201111, 2006
Blue-violet laser diodes grown on bulk substrates by plasma-assisted molecular-beam epitaxy
C Skierbiszewski, ZR Wasilewski, M Siekacz, A Feduniewicz, P Perlin, ...
Applied Physics Letters 86 (1), 011114, 2005
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