Qihang Liu (刘奇航)
Qihang Liu (刘奇航)
Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen, China
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Tunable bandgap in silicene and germanene
Z Ni, Q Liu, K Tang, J Zheng, J Zhou, R Qin, Z Gao, D Yu, J Lu
Nano letters 12 (1), 113-118, 2012
Switching a Normal Insulator into a Topological Insulator via Electric Field with Application to Phosphorene
Q Liu, X Zhang, LB Abdalla, A Fazzio, A Zunger
Nano Letters 15 (2), 1222-1228, 2015
Tuning Electronic Structure of Bilayer MoS2 by Vertical Electric Field: A First-Principles Investigation
Q Liu*, L Li*, Y Li, Z Gao, Z Chen, J Lu
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (40), 21556-21562, 2012
Hidden spin polarization in inversion-symmetric bulk crystals
X Zhang*, Q Liu*, JW Luo, AJ Freeman, A Zunger
Nature Physics 10 (5), 387-393, 2014
Tunable and sizable band gap in silicene by surface adsorption
R Quhe, R Fei, Q Liu, J Zheng, H Li, C Xu, Z Ni, Y Wang, D Yu, Z Gao, ...
Scientific reports 2, 853, 2012
Giant magnetoresistance in silicene nanoribbons
C Xu, G Luo, Q Liu, J Zheng, Z Zhang, S Nagase, Z Gao, J Lu
Nanoscale 4 (10), 3111-3117, 2012
Tunable and sizable band gap of single-layer graphene sandwiched between hexagonal boron nitride
R Quhe, J Zheng, G Luo, Q Liu, R Qin, J Zhou, D Yu, S Nagase, WN Mei, ...
NPG Asia Materials 4, e6, 2012
Sub-10 nm gate length graphene transistors: operating at terahertz frequencies with current saturation
J Zheng, L Wang, R Quhe, Q Liu, H Li, D Yu, WN Mei, J Shi, Z Gao, J Lu
Scientific reports 3, 1314, 2013
Functionalized Graphene for High-Performance Two-Dimensional Spintronics Devices
L Li, R Qin, H Li, L Yu, Q Liu, G Luo, Z Gao, J Lu
ACS nano 5 (4), 2601-2610, 2011
Structural and electronic properties of bilayer and trilayer graphdiyne
Q Zheng, G Luo, Q Liu, R Quhe, J Zheng, K Tang, Z Gao, S Nagase, J Lu
Nanoscale 4 (13), 3990-3996, 2012
Half-Metallic Silicene and Germanene Nanoribbons: Towards High-Performance Spintronics Device
Y Wang, J Zheng, Z Ni, R Fei, Q Liu, R Quhe, C Xu, J Zhou, Z Gao, J Lu
Nano 7 (05), 1250037, 2012
Tunable Rashba Effect in Two-Dimensional LaOBiS2 Films: Ultrathin Candidates for Spin Field Effect Transistors
Q Liu, Y Guo, AJ Freeman
Nano letters 13 (11), 5264-5270, 2013
High performance silicene nanoribbon field effect transistors with current saturation
H Li, L Wang, Q Liu, J Zheng, WN Mei, Z Gao, J Shi, J Lu
The European Physical Journal B-Condensed Matter and Complex Systems 85 (8), 1-6, 2012
All‐Metallic Vertical Transistors Based on Stacked Dirac Materials
Y Wang, Z Ni, Q Liu, R Quhe, J Zheng, M Ye, D Yu, J Shi, J Yang, J Li, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 25 (1), 68-77, 2015
Room-temperature giant magnetoresistance over one billion percent in a bare graphene nanoribbon device
R Qin, J Lu, L Lai, J Zhou, H Li, Q Liu, G Luo, L Zhao, Z Gao, WN Mei, G Li
Physical Review B 81 (23), 233403, 2010
Predicted Realization of Cubic Dirac Fermion in Quasi-One-Dimensional Transition-Metal Monochalcogenides
Q Liu, A Zunger
Physical Review X 7 (2), 021019, 2017
Intrinsic Circular Polarization in Centrosymmetric Stacks of Transition-Metal Dichalcogenide Compounds
Q Liu, X Zhang, A Zunger
Physical Review Letters 114 (8), 087402, 2015
Negative differential resistance in parallel single-walled carbon nanotube contacts
Q Liu, G Luo, R Qin, H Li, X Yan, C Xu, L Lai, J Zhou, S Hou, E Wang, ...
Physical Review B 83 (15), 155442, 2011
Search and design of nonmagnetic centrosymmetric layered crystals with large local spin polarization
Q Liu, X Zhang, H Jin, K Lam, J Im, AJ Freeman, A Zunger
Physical Review B 91 (23), 235204, 2015
Polytypism in LaOBiS2-type compounds based on different three-dimensional stacking sequences of two-dimensional BiS2 layers
Q Liu, X Zhang, A Zunger
Physical Review B 93 (17), 174119, 2016
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