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Possible doping strategies for MoS 2 monolayers: An ab initio study
K Dolui, I Rungger, CD Pemmaraju, S Sanvito
Physical Review B 88 (7), 075420, 2013
The variational quantum eigensolver: a review of methods and best practices
J Tilly, H Chen, S Cao, D Picozzi, K Setia, Y Li, E Grant, L Wossnig, ...
Physics Reports 986, 1-128, 2022
Algorithm for the construction of self-energies for electronic transport calculations based on singularity elimination and singular value decomposition
I Rungger, S Sanvito
Physical Review B 78 (3), 035407, 2008
Origin of the n-type and p-type conductivity of MoS 2 monolayers on a SiO 2 substrate
K Dolui, I Rungger, S Sanvito
Physical Review B 87 (16), 165402, 2013
Spin-Valve Effect in NiFe/MoS2/NiFe Junctions
W Wang, A Narayan, L Tang, K Dolui, Y Liu, X Yuan, Y Jin, Y Wu, ...
Nano letters 15 (8), 5261-5267, 2015
Femtosecond spin current pulses generated by the nonthermal spin-dependent Seebeck effect and interacting with ferromagnets in spin valves
A Alekhin, I Razdolski, N Ilin, JP Meyburg, D Diesing, V Roddatis, ...
Physical Review Letters 119 (1), 017202, 2017
Efficient spin injection and giant magnetoresistance in Fe/MoS 2/Fe junctions
K Dolui, A Narayan, I Rungger, S Sanvito
Physical Review B 90 (4), 041401, 2014
Effects induced by single and multiple dopants on the transport properties in zigzag-edged graphene nanoribbons
XH Zheng, I Rungger, Z Zeng, S Sanvito
Physical Review B 80 (23), 235426, 2009
Robust Organic Radical Molecular Junctions Using Acetylene Terminated Groups for C–Au Bond Formation
F Bejarano, IJ Olavarria-Contreras, A Droghetti, I Rungger, A Rudnev, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (5), 1691-1696, 2018
Resonant electronic states and I-V curves of Fe/MgO/Fe (100) tunnel junctions
I Rungger, O Mryasov, S Sanvito
Physical Review B 79 (9), 094414, 2009
Ab initio calculation of the bias-dependent transport properties of Mn 12 molecules
CD Pemmaraju, I Rungger, S Sanvito
Physical Review B 80 (10), 104422, 2009
Switching a single spin on metal surfaces by a STM tip: Ab initio studies
K Tao, VS Stepanyuk, W Hergert, I Rungger, S Sanvito, P Bruno
Physical review letters 103 (5), 057202, 2009
Constrained-DFT method for accurate energy-level alignment of metal/molecule interfaces
AM Souza, I Rungger, CD Pemmaraju, U Schwingenschlögl, S Sanvito
Physical Review B 88 (16), 165112, 2013
Ab initio study of the magnetostructural properties of MnAs
I Rungger, S Sanvito
Physical Review B 74 (2), 024429, 2006
Dynamic spin filtering at the Co/Alq3 interface mediated by weakly coupled second layer molecules
A Droghetti, P Thielen, I Rungger, N Haag, N Großmann, J Stöckl, ...
Nature communications 7, 12668, 2016
Spin-Polarized Tunneling through Chemical Vapor Deposited Multilayer Molybdenum Disulfide
A Dankert, P Pashaei, MV Kamalakar, APS Gaur, S Sahoo, I Rungger, ...
ACS nano 11 (6), 6389-6395, 2017
Evaluating the noise resilience of variational quantum algorithms
E Fontana, N Fitzpatrick, DM Ramo, R Duncan, I Rungger
Physical Review A 104 (2), 022403, 2021
Dynamical mean field theory algorithm and experiment on quantum computers
I Rungger, N Fitzpatrick, H Chen, CH Alderete, H Apel, A Cowtan, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1910.04735, 2019
Finite-bias electronic transport of molecules in a water solution
I Rungger, X Chen, U Schwingenschlögl, S Sanvito
Physical Review B 81 (23), 235407, 2010
Investigation of the conducting properties of a photoswitching dithienylethene molecule
A Odell, A Delin, B Johansson, I Rungger, S Sanvito
ACS nano 4 (5), 2635-2642, 2010
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