Mary Spencer Jones
Mary Spencer Jones
Curator, Invertebrates, Natural History Museum
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Search for heavy Majorana neutrinos in μ±μ±+ jets and e±e±+ jets events in pp collisions at s= 7TeV
S Chatrchyan, V Khachatryan, AM Sirunyan, A Tumasyan, W Adam, ...
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Cradoscrupocellaria, a new bryozoan genus for Scrupocellaria bertholletii (Audouin) and related species (Cheilostomata, Candidae): taxonomy, biodiversity and distribution
LM Vieira, ME Spencer Jones, JE Winston
Zootaxa 3707 (1), 1-63, 2013
Evidence for polyphyly of the genus Scrupocellaria (Bryozoa: Candidae) based on a phylogenetic analysis of morphological characters
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Performance of reconstruction and identification of τ leptons decaying to hadrons and ντ in pp collisions at√ s= 13 TeV
AM Sirunyan, A Tumasyan, W Adam, F Ambrogi, E Asilar, T Bergauer, ...
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Stratigraphy of the Upper Carboniferous Schooner Formation, southern North Sea: chemostratigraphy, mineralogy, palynology and Sm-Nd isotope analysis
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A list of old and recently erected monogenean genus-group names not included in Yamaguti's Systema helminthum
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The quiet workforce: the various roles of women in geological and natural history museums during the early to mid-1900s
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Acanthocephaloides cyrusi n. sp.(Acanthocephala: Arhythmacanthidae) from southeast African teleost fishes
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Distribution of the invasive bryozoan Schizoporella japonica in Great Britain and Ireland and a review of its European distribution
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The amathiiform Ctenostomata (phylum Bryozoa) of New Zealand—including four new species, two of them of probable alien origin
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First records of marine invasive non-native Bryozoa in Norwegian coastal waters from Bergen to Trondheim
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A list of old and recently erected genus-group names not included in the ‘CIH Keys’ to nematode parasites of vertebrates and invertebrates
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Variability in the skeletal mineralogy of temperate bryozoans: the relative influence of environmental and biological factors
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The forgotten variable: Impact of cleaning on the skeletal composition of a marine invertebrate
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Chemical Geology 474, 45-57, 2017
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