Manoel S. D'Agrella-Filho
Manoel S. D'Agrella-Filho
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Palaeomagnetic configuration of continents during the Proterozoic
LJ Pesonen, SÅ Elming, S Mertanen, S Pisarevsky, MS D'Agrella-Filho, ...
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UG Cordani, BB Brito-Neves, MS D'Agrella-Filho
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40Ar/39Ar dating of 1.0–1.1 Ga magnetizations from the Sa˜ o Francisco and Kalahari cratons: tectonic implications for Pan-African and Brasiliano mobile belts
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W Teixeira, PR Renne, J Bossi, N Campal, MS D'Agrella Filho
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U–Pb (ID-TIMS) baddeleyite ages and paleomagnetism of 1.79 and 1.59 Ga tholeiitic dyke swarms, and position of the Rio de la Plata Craton within the Columbia supercontinent
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Return to Rodinia? Moderate to high palaeolatitude of the São Francisco/Congo craton at 920 Ma
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MS D'Agrella-Filho, E Tohver, JOS Santos, SÅ Elming, RIF Trindade, ...
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MS D'Agrella-Filho, M Babinski, RIF Trindade, WR Van Schmus, ...
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Terra Nova 20 (4), 259-266, 2008
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