Hannah K. Liberatore
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Progressive increase in disinfection byproducts and mutagenicity from source to tap to swimming pool and spa water: impact of human inputs
EJ Daiber, DM DeMarini, SA Ravuri, HK Liberatore, AA Cuthbertson, ...
Environmental science & technology 50 (13), 6652-6662, 2016
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HK Liberatore, MJ Plewa, ED Wagner, JM VanBriesen, DB Burnett, ...
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GAC to BAC: Does it make chloraminated drinking water safer?
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Impact of chlorine exposure time on disinfection byproduct formation in the presence of iopamidol and natural organic matter during chloramination
NOB Ackerson, AH Killinger, HK Liberatore, TA Ternes, MJ Plewa, ...
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Solvent Suitability for HFPO-DA (“GenX” Parent Acid) in Toxicological Studies
HK Liberatore, SR Jackson, MJ Strynar, JP McCord
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Probing the Formation of Reactive Oxygen Species by a Porous Self-Assembled Benzophenone Bis-Urea Host
BA DeHaven, HK Liberatore, A Greer, SD Richardson, LS Shimizu
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Controlling disinfection byproducts from treated wastewater using adsorption with granular activated carbon: Impact of pre-ozonation and pre-chlorination
EM Verdugo, M Gifford, C Glover, AA Cuthbertson, RA Trenholm, ...
Water research X 9, 100068, 2020
High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry Identification of Novel Surfactant-Derived Sulfur-Containing Disinfection Byproducts from Gas Extraction Wastewater
HK Liberatore, DC Westerman, JM Allen, MJ Plewa, ED Wagner, ...
Environmental Science & Technology 54 (15), 9374-9386, 2020
Treating water containing elevated bromide and iodide levels with granular activated carbon and free chlorine: impacts on disinfection byproduct formation and calculated toxicity
C Zhang, JC Maness, AA Cuthbertson, SY Kimura, HK Liberatore, ...
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Making Swimming Pools Safer: Does Copper–Silver Ionization with Chlorine Lower the Toxicity and Disinfection Byproduct Formation?
JM Allen, MJ Plewa, ED Wagner, X Wei, GE Bollar, LE Quirk, ...
Environmental Science & Technology 55 (5), 2908-2918, 2021
Unknown identification of transformation products and disinfection by-products in wastewater impacted drinking water
D Westerman, H Liberatore, K Cochran, C Montagner, D Dionysiou, ...
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