Piotr Kubala
Piotr Kubala
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Saturated packings of convex anisotropic objects under random sequential adsorption protocol
K Haiduk, P Kubala, M Cieśla
Physical Review E 98 (6), 063309, 2018
Random sequential adsorption of cubes
M Cieśla, P Kubala
The Journal of chemical physics 148 (2), 2018
Random sequential adsorption: An efficient tool for investigating the deposition of macromolecules and colloidal particles
P Kubala, P Batys, J Barbasz, P Weroński, M Cieśla
Advances in Colloid and Interface Science 306, 102692, 2022
Random sequential adsorption of unoriented rectangles at saturation
W Kasperek, P Kubala, M Cieśla
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Ergodicity breaking with long-range cavity-induced quasiperiodic interactions
P Kubala, P Sierant, G Morigi, J Zakrzewski
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Random sequential adsorption of Platonic and Archimedean solids
P Kubala
Physical Review E 100 (4), 042903, 2019
Saturated random packing built of arbitrary polygons under random sequential adsorption protocol
M Cieśla, P Kubala, G Zhang
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Random sequential adsorption of cuboids
M Cieśla, P Kubala
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Algorithms to generate saturated random sequential adsorption packings built of rounded polygons
M Cieśla, P Kubala, K Kozubek
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Kinetics of random sequential adsorption of two-dimensional shapes on a one-dimensional line
M Cieśla, K Kozubek, P Kubala, A Baule
Physical Review E 101 (4), 042901, 2020
In silico study of liquid crystalline phases formed by bent-shaped molecules with excluded volume type interactions
P Kubala, W Tomczyk, M Cieśla
Journal of Molecular Liquids 367, 120156, 2022
Splay-induced order in systems of hard tapers
P Kubala, M Cieśla, L Longa
Physical Review E 108 (5), 054701, 2023
Random sequential adsorption of particles with tetrahedral symmetry
P Kubala, M Cieśla, RM Ziff
Physical Review E 100 (5), 052903, 2019
Random sequential adsorption of rounded rectangles, isosceles and right triangles
M Cieśla, K Kozubek, P Kubala
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 55 (18), 184003, 2022
Optical lattice for a tripodlike atomic level structure
P Kubala, J Zakrzewski, M Łącki
Physical Review A 104 (5), 053312, 2021
Random sequential adsorption of unoriented cuboids with a square base and a comparison of cuboid-cuboid intersection tests
P Kubala, M Cieśla
Acta Physica Polonica B 49 (5), 981, 2018
Splay and polar order in a system of hard pear-like molecules: confrontation of Monte Carlo numerical simulations with density functional theory calculations
P Kubala, M Cieśla
Soft Matter 19 (40), 7836-7845, 2023
Diffusion in crowded environments: Trapped by the drift
P Kubala, M Cieśla, B Dybiec
Physical Review E 104 (4), 044127, 2021
Random sequential adsorption of aligned regular polygons and rounded squares: Transition in the kinetics of packing growth
M Cieśla, P Kubala, AA Moud
Physical Review E 107 (5), 054904, 2023
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