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Debra A. Brock
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Primitive agriculture in a social amoeba
DA Brock, TE Douglas, DC Queller, JE Strassmann
Nature 469 (7330), 393-396, 2011
A cell-counting factor regulating structure size in Dictyostelium
DA Brock, RH Gomer
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A Dictystelium mutant with defective aggregate size determination
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A secreted factor represses cell proliferation in Dictyostelium
DA Brock, RH Gomer
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Burkholderia bacteria infectiously induce the proto-farming symbiosis of Dictyostelium amoebae and food bacteria
S DiSalvo, TS Haselkorn, U Bashir, D Jimenez, DA Brock, DC Queller, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (36), E5029-E5037, 2015
Mutagenesis and gene identification in Dictyostelium by shotgun antisense
TP Spann, DA Brock, DF Lindsey, SA Wood, RH Gomer
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A bacterial symbiont is converted from an inedible producer of beneficial molecules into food by a single mutation in the gacA gene
P Stallforth, DA Brock, AM Cantley, X Tian, DC Queller, JE Strassmann, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (36), 14528-14533, 2013
RtoA links initial cell type choice to the cell cycle in Dictyostelium
SA Wood, RR Ammann, DA Brock, L Li, T Spann, RH Gomer
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Social amoeba farmers carry defensive symbionts to protect and privatize their crops
DA Brock, S Read, A Bozhchenko, DC Queller, JE Strassmann
Nature Communications 4 (1), 1-7, 2013
The different components of a multisubunit cell number-counting factor have both unique and overlapping functions
DA Brock, RD Hatton, DV Giurgiutiu, B Scott, R Ammann, RH Gomer
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The secreted Dictyostelium protein CfaD is a chalone
D Bakthavatsalam, DA Brock, NN Nikravan, KD Houston, RD Hatton, ...
Journal of cell science 121 (15), 2473-2480, 2008
A protein containing a serine-rich domain with vesicle fusing properties mediates cell cycle-dependent cytosolic pH regulation
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Genomic signatures of cooperation and conflict in the social amoeba
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ABC transporters required for endocytosis and endosomal pH regulation in Dictyostelium
DT Brazill, LR Meyer, RD Hatton, DA Brock, RH Gomer
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CF45-1, a secreted protein which participates in Dictyostelium group size regulation
DA Brock, RD Hatton, DV Giurgiutiu, B Scott, W Jang, R Ammann, ...
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Synergistic activity of cosecreted natural products from amoebae-associated bacteria
J Arp, S Götze, R Mukherji, DJ Mattern, M García-Altares, M Klapper, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (15), 3758-3763, 2018
A 60-kilodalton protein component of the counting factor complex regulates group size in Dictyostelium discoideum
DA Brock, WN Van Egmond, Y Shamoo, RD Hatton, RH Gomer
Eukaryotic cell 5 (9), 1532-1538, 2006
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Journal of Biological Chemistry 278 (52), 52262-52272, 2003
Sentinel cells, symbiotic bacteria and toxin resistance in the social amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum
DA Brock, WÉ Callison, JE Strassmann, DC Queller
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 283 (1829), 20152727, 2016
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