J. Ricardo Mejía-Salazar
J. Ricardo Mejía-Salazar
Instituto Nacional de Telecomunicações
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Plasmonic biosensing: Focus review
JR Mejía-Salazar, ON Oliveira Jr
Chemical reviews 118 (20), 10617-10625, 2018
Enhanced transverse magneto-optical Kerr effect in magnetoplasmonic crystals for the design of highly sensitive plasmonic (bio) sensing platforms
BF Diaz-Valencia, JR Mejía-Salazar, ON Oliveira Jr, ...
ACS omega 2 (11), 7682-7685, 2017
Surface plasmon resonance biosensor for enzymatic detection of small analytes
CM Miyazaki, FM Shimizu, JR Mejía-Salazar, ON Oliveira Jr, M Ferreira
Nanotechnology 28 (14), 145501, 2017
Microfluidic point-of-care devices: New trends and future prospects for ehealth diagnostics
JR Mejía-Salazar, K Rodrigues Cruz, EM Materon Vasques
Sensors 20 (7), 1951, 2020
Giant enhancement of the transverse magneto-optical Kerr effect through the coupling of\varepsilon-near-zero and surface plasmon polariton modes
JA Girón-Sedas, FR Gómez, P Albella, JR Mejía-Salazar, ON Oliveira Jr
Physical Review B 96 (7), 075415, 2017
ε-near-zero materials for highly miniaturizable magnetoplasmonic sensing devices
E Moncada-Villa, ON Oliveira Jr, JR Mejía-Salazar
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123 (6), 3790-3794, 2019
Quantum confinement and magnetic-field effects on the electron g factor in GaAs–(Ga, Al) As cylindrical quantum dots
JR Mejía-Salazar, N Porras-Montenegro, LE Oliveira
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 21 (45), 455302, 2009
Chiral plasmonics and their potential for point-of-care biosensing applications
W A Paiva-Marques, F Reyes Gómez, O N Oliveira, JR Mejía-Salazar
Sensors 20 (3), 944, 2020
All-dielectric chiral metasurfaces based on crossed-bowtie nanoantennas
FR Gómez, JR Mejía-Salazar, P Albella
ACS omega 4 (25), 21041-21047, 2019
Enhanced chiroptical activity with slotted high refractive index dielectric nanodisks
FR Gómez, ON Oliveira Jr, P Albella, JR Mejía-Salazar
Physical Review B 101 (15), 155403, 2020
Zero-⟨ n⟩ non-Bragg gap plasmon–polariton modes and omni-reflectance in 1D metamaterial photonic superlattices
C Agudelo-Arango, JR Mejía-Salazar, N Porras-Montenegro, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 23 (21), 215003, 2011
Plasmon polaritons in 1D Cantor-like fractal photonic superlattices containing a left-handed material
JR Mejía-Salazar, N Porras-Montenegro, E Reyes-Gómez, SB Cavalcanti, ...
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 95 (2), 24004, 2011
Enhancement of the transverse magneto-optical Kerr effect via resonant tunneling in trilayers containing magneto-optical metals
JA Girón-Sedas, JR Mejía-Salazar, E Moncada-Villa, ...
Applied Physics Letters 109 (3), 033106, 2016
Designing silver nanoparticles for detecting levodopa (3, 4-dihydroxyphenylalanine, L-dopa) using surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS)
RJG Rubira, SA Camacho, CS Martin, JR Mejía-Salazar, F Reyes Gomez, ...
Sensors 20 (1), 15, 2020
Surface plasmon resonances in silver nanostars
F Reyes Gómez, RJG Rubira, SA Camacho, CS Martin, RR Da Silva, ...
Sensors 18 (11), 3821, 2018
New trends in plasmonic (bio)sensing
JR Mejía-Salazar, SA Camacho, CJL Constantino, ON Oliveira Jr
Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências 90 (1 Suppl. 1), 779-801, 2018
On the importance of controlling film architecture in detecting prostate specific antigen
JS Graça, CM Miyazaki, FM Shimizu, D Volpati, JR Mejía-Salazar, ...
Applied Surface Science 434, 1175-1182, 2018
Defect modes in metamaterial photonic superlattices as tunneling resonances in trilayer structures
AEB Costa, JR Mejía-Salazar, SB Cavalcanti
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Second harmonic generation in the plasmon-polariton gap of quasiperiodic metamaterial photonic superlattices
FR Gómez, N Porras-Montenegro, ON Oliveira Jr, JR Mejía-Salazar
Physical Review B 98 (7), 075406, 2018
Landé g-factor and cyclotron effective mass in a cylindrical GaAs-(Ga, Al) As quantum pillbox under the influence of an axis-parallel applied magnetic field
R Mejia-Salazar, N Porras-Montenegro
Microelectronics journal 39 (11), 1366-1367, 2008
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