Juliano Alves Bonacin
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Rice Husk Reuse in the Preparation of SnO2/SiO2Nanocomposite
CS Ferreira, PL Santos, JA Bonacin, RR Passos, LA Pocrifka
Materials Research 18 (3), 639-643, 2015
Structure and morphology of spinel MFe2O4 (M= Fe, Co, Ni) nanoparticles chemically synthesized from heterometallic complexes
KP Naidek, F Bianconi, TCR Da Rocha, D Zanchet, JA Bonacin, ...
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Singlet oxygen quantum yields (Φd) in water using beetroot extract and an array of LEDs
JA Bonacin, FM Engelmann, D Severino, HE Toma, MS Baptista
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Photochemical one-pot synthesis of reduced graphene oxide/Prussian blue nanocomposite for simultaneous electrochemical detection of ascorbic acid, dopamine, and uric acid
PL dos Santos, V Katic, KCF Toledo, JA Bonacin
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 255, 2437-2447, 2018
Enhanced performance of 3D printed graphene electrodes after electrochemical pre-treatment: Role of exposed graphene sheets
PL dos Santos, V Katic, HC Loureiro, MF dos Santos, DP dos Santos, ...
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PF Andrade, AF de Faria, DS da Silva, JA Bonacin, ...
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JA Bonacin, ALB Formiga, VHS de Melo, HE Toma
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Additive-manufactured (3D-printed) electrochemical sensors: A critical review
RM Cardoso, C Kalinke, RG Rocha, PL dos Santos, DP Rocha, ...
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Controlled Stabilization and Flocculation of Gold Nanoparticles by Means of 2‐Pyrazin‐2‐ylethanethiol and Pentacyanidoferrate (II) Complexes
SH Toma, JA Bonacin, K Araki, HE Toma
European journal of inorganic chemistry 2007 (21), 3356-3364, 2007
Unravelling the chemical morphology of a mesoporous titanium dioxide interface by confocal Raman microscopy: new clues for improving the efficiency of dye solar cells and …
ALA Parussulo, JA Bonacin, SH Toma, K Araki, HE Toma
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JA Naue, SH Toma, JA Bonacin, K Araki, HE Toma
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C Kalinke, NV Neumsteir, G de Oliveira Aparecido, TV de Barros Ferraz, ...
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Metallochlorophylls of magnesium, copper and zinc: evaluation of the influence of the first coordination sphere on their solvatochromism and aggregation properties
LM Moreira, A Lima, RRS Soares, VR Batistela, AP Gerola, N Hioka, ...
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Dalton Transactions 48 (15), 4811-4822, 2019
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