Philippe Peyla
Philippe Peyla
Professor of Physics, University Grenoble Alpes
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Effective viscosity of microswimmer suspensions
S Rafaï, L Jibuti, P Peyla
Physical Review Letters 104 (9), 098102, 2010
Dynamic of spin organization in Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors
T Dietl, P Peyla, G W, M d'Aubigne Y
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New confinement effects on the viscosity of suspensions
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Methane storage in nanoporous media as observed via high-field NMR relaxometry
A Papaioannou, R Kausik
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Undulated blistering during thin film delamination
P Peyla
Physical Review E 62 (2), R1501, 2000
Flow reduction in microchannels coated with a polymer brush
L Lanotte, S Guido, C Misbah, P Peyla, L Bureau
Langmuir 28 (38), 13758-13764, 2012
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