Suzana Assad Kahn
Suzana Assad Kahn
Postdoctoral Scholar, Stanford University
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Gliomas and the vascular fragility of the blood brain barrier
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On the fate of extracellular hemoglobin and heme in brain
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The anti‐hypertensive drug prazosin inhibits glioblastoma growth via the PKC δ‐dependent inhibition of the AKT pathway
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Protein kinase C activity regulates d‐serine availability in the brain
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Tenascin-C in the extracellular matrix promotes the selection of highly proliferative and tubulogenesis-defective endothelial cells
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Chemical library screening and structure-function relationship studies identify bisacodyl as a potent and selective cytotoxic agent towards quiescent human glioblastoma tumor …
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Connective-tissue growth factor (CTGF/CCN2) induces astrogenesis and fibronectin expression of embryonic neural cells in vitro
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Equinatoxin II potentiates temozolomide-and etoposide-induced glioblastoma cell death
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dsDNA, ssDNA, G-quadruplex DNA, and nucleosomal DNA electrochemical screening using canthin-6-one alkaloid-modified electrodes
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Notch1 regulates the initiation of metastasis and self-renewal of Group 3 medulloblastoma
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Bone morphogenetic protein‐2 promotes osteosarcoma growth by promoting epithelial‐mesenchymal transition (EMT) through the Wnt/β‐catenin signaling pathway
H Tian, T Zhou, H Chen, C Li, Z Jiang, L Lao, SA Kahn, MEL Duarte, ...
Journal of Orthopaedic Research® 37 (7), 1638-1648, 2019
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