Hans A. Bechtel
Hans A. Bechtel
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Graphene plasmonics for tunable terahertz metamaterials
L Ju, B Geng, J Horng, C Girit, M Martin, Z Hao, HA Bechtel, X Liang, ...
Nature nanotechnology 6 (10), 630-634, 2011
Strong interlayer coupling in van der Waals heterostructures built from single-layer chalcogenides
H Fang, C Battaglia, C Carraro, S Nemsak, B Ozdol, JS Kang, HA Bechtel, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (17), 6198-6202, 2014
Topological valley transport at bilayer graphene domain walls
L Ju, Z Shi, N Nair, Y Lv, C Jin, J Velasco Jr, C Ojeda-Aristizabal, ...
Nature 520 (7549), 650-655, 2015
Drude conductivity of Dirac fermions in graphene
J Horng, CF Chen, B Geng, C Girit, Y Zhang, Z Hao, HA Bechtel, M Martin, ...
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Photon antibunching in single CdSe/ZnS quantum dot fluorescence
B Lounis, HA Bechtel, D Gerion, P Alivisatos, WE Moerner
Chemical Physics Letters 329 (5-6), 399-404, 2000
Ultrabroadband infrared nanospectroscopic imaging
HA Bechtel, EA Muller, RL Olmon, MC Martin, MB Raschke
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (20), 7191-7196, 2014
High-spatial-resolution mapping of catalytic reactions on single particles
CY Wu, WJ Wolf, Y Levartovsky, HA Bechtel, MC Martin, FD Toste, ...
Nature 541 (7638), 511-515, 2017
Comprehensive study of the metal-insulator transition in pulsed laser deposited epitaxial VO2 thin films
D Fu, K Liu, T Tao, K Lo, C Cheng, B Liu, R Zhang, HA Bechtel, J Wu
Journal of Applied Physics 113 (4), 2013
Evidence for interstellar origin of seven dust particles collected by the Stardust spacecraft
AJ Westphal, RM Stroud, HA Bechtel, FE Brenker, AL Butterworth, ...
science 345 (6198), 786-791, 2014
Electrochemical Reaction Mechanism of the MoS2 Electrode in a Lithium-Ion Cell Revealed by in Situ and Operando X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
L Zhang, D Sun, J Kang, J Feng, HA Bechtel, LW Wang, EJ Cairns, J Guo
Nano letters 18 (2), 1466-1475, 2018
The role of melt-fracture degassing in defusing explosive rhyolite eruptions at volcán Chaitén
JM Castro, B Cordonnier, H Tuffen, MJ Tobin, L Puskar, MC Martin, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 333, 63-69, 2012
Amplitude-and phase-resolved nanospectral imaging of phonon polaritons in hexagonal boron nitride
Z Shi, HA Bechtel, S Berweger, Y Sun, B Zeng, C Jin, H Chang, MC Martin, ...
Acs Photonics 2 (7), 790-796, 2015
Observation of a Luttinger-liquid plasmon in metallic single-walled carbon nanotubes
Z Shi, X Hong, HA Bechtel, B Zeng, MC Martin, K Watanabe, T Taniguchi, ...
Nature Photonics 9 (8), 515-519, 2015
Synchrotron IR spectromicroscopy: chemistry of living cells
HYN Holman, HA Bechtel, Z Hao, MC Martin
Analytical Chemistry 82 (21), 8757-8765, 2010
Generation and characterization of ultrathin free-flowing liquid sheets
JD Koralek, JB Kim, P Brůža, CB Curry, Z Chen, HA Bechtel, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1353, 2018
Nano-chemical infrared imaging of membrane proteins in lipid bilayers
S Berweger, DM Nguyen, EA Muller, HA Bechtel, TT Perkins, MB Raschke
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (49), 18292-18295, 2013
Quantum confinement effects in nanoscale-thickness InAs membranes
K Takei, H Fang, SB Kumar, R Kapadia, Q Gao, M Madsen, HS Kim, ...
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3D spectral imaging with synchrotron Fourier transform infrared spectro-microtomography
MC Martin, C Dabat-Blondeau, M Unger, J Sedlmair, DY Parkinson, ...
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Field effect optoelectronic modulation of quantum-confined carriers in black phosphorus
WS Whitney, MC Sherrott, D Jariwala, WH Lin, HA Bechtel, GR Rossman, ...
Nano letters 17 (1), 78-84, 2017
Phase transition in bulk single crystals and thin films of V O 2 by nanoscale infrared spectroscopy and imaging
M Liu, AJ Sternbach, M Wagner, TV Slusar, T Kong, SL Bud'ko, ...
Physical Review B 91 (24), 245155, 2015
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