Luiz Roberto Britto
Luiz Roberto Britto
Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas da Universidade de São Paulo
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Three subtypes of alpha-bungarotoxin-sensitive nicotinic acetylcholine receptors are expressed in chick retina
KT Keyser, LR Britto, R Schoepfer, P Whiting, J Cooper, W Conroy, ...
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P19 embryonal carcinoma cells as in vitro model for studying purinergic receptor expression and modulation of N-methyl-d-aspartate–glutamate and acetylcholine receptors during …
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Neural correlates of IgE-mediated food allergy
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BDNF receptor blockade hinders the beneficial effects of exercise in a rat model of Parkinson’s disease
CC Real, AFB Ferreira, GP Chaves-Kirsten, AS Torrão, RS Pires, ...
Neuroscience 237, 118-129, 2013
Role of acetylcholine receptors in proliferation and differentiation of P19 embryonal carcinoma cells
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Avoidance behavior and neural correlates of allergen exposure in a murine model of asthma
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Environmental modulation of ethanol-induced locomotor activity: correlation with neuronal activity in distinct brain regions of adolescent and adult Swiss mice
RR Faria, AVL Rueda, C Sayuri, SL Soares, MB Malta, ...
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Neurons of the chick brain and retina expressing both α-bungarotoxin-sensitive and α-bungarotoxin-insensitive nicotinic acetylcholine receptors: an immunohistochemical analysis
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Retinohypothalamic projections in the common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus): A study using cholera toxin subunit B
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The pretectal necleus of the optic tract modulates the direction selectivity of accessory optic neurons in rats
CL Natal, LRG Britto
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The accessory optic system in pigeons: receptive field properties of identified neurons
LRG Britto, CL Natal, AM Marcondes
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Differential development of α‐bungarotoxin‐sensitive and α‐bungarotoxin‐insensitive nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in the chick retina
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Chronic unpredictable mild stress alters an anxiety-related defensive response, Fos immunoreactivity and hippocampal adult neurogenesis
JS De Andrade, IC Céspedes, RO Abrão, TB Dos Santos, L Diniz, ...
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Pharmacological properties of purinergic receptors and their effects on proliferation and induction of neuronal differentiation of P19 embryonal carcinoma cells
RR Resende, LRG Britto, H Ulrich
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Selective sensitivity of early postmitotic retinal cells to apoptosis induced by inhibition of protein synthesis
SK Rehen, DDC Neves, L Fragel‐Madeira, LRG Britto, R Linden
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Blocking of connexin-mediated communication promotes neuroprotection during acute degeneration induced by mechanical trauma
V Paschon, GSV Higa, RR Resende, LRG Britto, AH Kihara
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Expression of α-synuclein is increased in the hippocampus of rats with high levels of innate anxiety
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Neural correlates of IgE‐mediated allergy
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Journal of neuroscience research 90 (1), 213-228, 2012
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