Nuri Tessa Pierce-Ward
Nuri Tessa Pierce-Ward
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Tximeta: Reference sequence checksums for provenance identification in RNA-seq
MI Love, C Soneson, PF Hickey, LK Johnson, NT Pierce, L Shepherd, ...
PLoS computational biology 16 (2), e1007664, 2020
Large-scale sequence comparisons with sourmash
NT Pierce, L Irber, T Reiter, P Brooks, CT Brown
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Diversity of conotoxin types from Conus californicus reflects a diversity of prey types and a novel evolutionary history
CA Elliger, TA Richmond, ZN Lebaric, NT Pierce, JV Sweedler, WF Gilly
Toxicon 57 (2), 311-322, 2011
Transcriptome‐wide patterns of divergence during allopatric evolution
RJ Pereira, FS Barreto, NT Pierce, M Carneiro, RS Burton
Molecular Ecology 25 (7), 1478-1493, 2016
Evaluation of taxonomic classification and profiling methods for long-read shotgun metagenomic sequencing datasets
DM Portik, CT Brown, NT Pierce-Ward
BMC bioinformatics 23 (1), 541, 2022
Lightweight compositional analysis of metagenomes with FracMinHash and minimum metagenome covers
L Irber, PT Brooks, T Reiter, NT Pierce-Ward, MR Hera, D Koslicki, ...
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Streamlining data-intensive biology with workflow systems
T Reiter, PT Brooks, L Irber, SEK Joslin, CM Reid, C Scott, CT Brown, ...
GigaScience 10 (1), giaa140, 2021
Marine natural product honaucin A attenuates inflammation by activating the Nrf2-ARE pathway
SJ Mascuch, PD Boudreau, TM Carland, NT Pierce, J Olson, ME Hensler, ...
Journal of natural products 81 (3), 506-514, 2017
Recovery from hybrid breakdown reveals a complex genetic architecture of mitonuclear incompatibilities
RJ Pereira, TG Lima, NT Pierce‐Ward, L Chao, RS Burton
Molecular Ecology 30 (23), 6403-6416, 2021
Development of Embryonic Market Squid, Doryteuthis opalescens, under Chronic Exposure to Low Environmental pH and [O2]
MO Navarro, GT Kwan, O Batalov, CY Choi, NT Pierce, LA Levin
PLoS One 11 (12), e0167461, 2016
Role of TRP channels in dinoflagellate mechanotransduction
JB Lindström, NT Pierce, MI Latz
The Biological Bulletin 233 (2), 151-167, 2017
Ten simple rules and a template for creating workflows-as-applications
MJ Roach, NT Pierce-Ward, R Suchecki, V Mallawaarachchi, ...
PLoS computational biology 18 (12), e1010705, 2022
Large-scale sequence comparisons with sourmash. F1000Res 8: 1006
NT Pierce, L Irber, T Reiter, P Brooks, CT Brown
Deriving confidence intervals for mutation rates across a wide range of evolutionary distances using FracMinHash
MR Hera, NT Pierce-Ward, D Koslicki
Genome research 33 (7), 1061-1068, 2023
Debiasing fracminhash and deriving confidence intervals for mutation rates across a wide range of evolutionary distances
MR Hera, T Pierce, D Koslicki
bioRxiv, 2022.01. 11.475870, 2022
Sourmash branchwater enables lightweight petabyte-scale sequence search
L Irber, NT Pierce-Ward, CT Brown
bioRxiv, 2022.11. 02.514947, 2022
Single-cell transcriptomics for the 99.9% of species without reference genomes
OB Botvinnik, VNP Vemuri, NT Pierce, PA Logan, S Nafees, L Karanam, ...
Biorxiv, 2021.07. 09.450799, 2021
Large-scale sequence comparisons with sourmash. F1000Res. 2019; 8: 1006
NT Pierce, L Irber, T Reiter, P Brooks, CT Brown
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Meta-analysis of metagenomes via machine learning and assembly graphs reveals strain switches in Crohn’s disease
TE Reiter, L Irber, AA Gingrich, D Haynes, NT Pierce-Ward, PT Brooks, ...
bioRxiv, 2022.06. 30.498290, 2022
Biogeographic distribution of five Antarctic Cyanobacteria using large-scale k-mer searching with sourmash branchwater
J Lumian, D Sumner, C Grettenberger, AD Jungblut, L Irber, ...
BioRxiv, 2022.10. 27.514113, 2022
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