Daniela B B Trivella
Daniela B B Trivella
Brazilian Biosciences National Laboratory (LNBio), Campinas, SP-Brazil
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Antioxidant status and stress proteins in the gills of the brown mussel Perna perna exposed to zinc
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Conformational differences between the wild type and V30M mutant transthyretin modulate its binding to genistein: implications to tetramer stability and ligand-binding
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Enzyme inhibition by hydroamination: design and mechanism of a hybrid carmaphycin-syringolin enone proteasome inhibitor
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Is RK-682 a promiscuous enzyme inhibitor? Synthesis and in vitro evaluation of protein tyrosine phosphatase inhibition of racemic RK-682 and analogues
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Small-angle X-ray scattering and in silico modeling approaches for the accurate functional annotation of an LysR-type transcriptional regulator
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The Tripod for bacterial natural product discovery: genome mining, silent pathway induction, and mass spectrometry-based molecular networking
DBB Trivella, R de Felicio
MSystems 3 (2), 2018
(−)-Tarchonanthuslactone: Design of New Analogues, Evaluation of their Antiproliferative Activity on Cancer Cell Lines, and Preliminary Mechanistic Studies
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Crystal structures of the apo form and a complex of human LMW-PTP with a phosphonic acid provide new evidence of a secondary site potentially related to the anchorage of …
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Functional and structural studies of the disulfide isomerase D sb C from the plant pathogen X ylella fastidiosa reveals a redox‐dependent oligomeric modulation in vitro
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Bromopyrrole Alkaloid Inhibitors of the Proteasome Isolated from a Dictyonella sp. Marine Sponge Collected at the Amazon River Mouth
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Functional and structural evidence for the catalytic role played by glutamate-47 residue in the mode of action of Mycobacterium tuberculosis cytidine deaminase
LABDSS Zilpa Adriana Sánchez-Quitian, Valnęs Rodrigues-Junior, Jacqueline ...
RSC Advances 5, 830-840, 2015
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